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Heat wave in Germany: again over 30 degrees and tropical nights – with one exception

Created: 8/25/2022 5:04 am

After a brief lull in the heat and rain last week, midsummer seems to be back. The temperatures rise again significantly, especially at night.

Berlin — In the last few days, the weather has suggested that autumn will soon begin in Germany. Rain and falling temperatures found their way into Germany. There were warnings of heavy rain, especially in the south of the country. But the hot summer in Germany does not seem to be over yet. Most of the country has to adjust to temperatures above 30 degrees and tropical nights again.

Weather in Germany: heat and drought are returning — with one exception

The renewed rise in temperature was already noticeable on Monday (22 August). From Tuesday it will continue with temperatures above 30 degrees. High “Piet” and very warm air from southwest Europe will bring the heat back. The maximum values are between 26 and 32 degrees, reports the DWD. “Few clouds and lots of sun, dry,” is the forecast.

It seems to be similarly warm for the rest of the week. The tropical temperatures should remain until the end of the week, including the weekend, according to weather expert Daniel Jung at . “It’s slowly getting warmer and hotter.” The nights also promise little cooling. The weather expert speaks of “tropical nights, sometimes not below 20 degrees.”

There is one exception at the beginning of the week. The far east and southeast, which struggled with severe fires in early August, can look forward to more rainfall through Tuesday. The clouds will then loosen there as well. This means that residents in eastern Germany can look forward to cooler temperatures below the 30 mark for the time being. The DWD is forecasting 22 to 28 degrees on Tuesday and a cooling down of up to 10 degrees at night.

Weather in Germany: Temperatures above 30 degrees — the week at a glance

The coming week will be hot and dry again. According to data from the DWD and , the maximum values for the next few days are often over 30:

  • Tuesday, August 23: Highs 26 to 32 degrees (East and Southeast: 22 to 28 degrees); 18 degrees at night (East: 17 to 9 degrees)
  • Wednesday, August 24 : Highs 25 to 34 degrees; 20 to 14 degrees at night (Southeast: 16 to 10 degrees)
  • Thursday, August 25: Highs 29 to 34 degrees; 20 to 13 degrees at night
  • Friday, August 26: Highs of 28 to 35 degrees
  • Saturday and Sunday: Still muggy, slow cooling

Hottest summer or prospect of rain: This is how the weather continues after the hot week

So, in 2022, will we still break the heat record from 2003 with an average temperature of 19.65 degrees? The year 2022 is currently in fourth place. The summers of 2018 (19.29 degrees) and 2019 (19.24 degrees) will probably be cracked in the coming week, according to “Whether we will catch up in 2003 is still quite questionable, but not impossible given the current status,” is Jung’s assessment. It was “significantly too warm for the current season.”

In general, evaluations by the DWD show that summers are getting hotter and hotter due to climate change. “In the summer, the main issues are increasing heat stress, drought, heavy rain and the risk of forest fires, as well as melting glaciers and the thawing of the permafrost in the Alps,” according to the evaluation.

Bereits mehrmals erlebte Deutschland diesen Sommer Temperaturen über 30 Grad. Ende August wird es erneut heiß und trocken (Symbolbild).
Germany has already experienced temperatures above 30 degrees several times this summer. At the end of August it will be hot and dry again (symbol image). © Christian Charisius/dpa

So what’s next after the heat week? It doesn’t seem to be autumnal, but late summer is getting closer. After Sunday, cooler air will move in from the northwest, slowly pushing the heat front east and south, according to .

The American weather model even promises significantly more precipitation at the end of August, with 100 to 150 liters per square meter of rain in the southwest. “The map gives some hope for more precipitation at the turn of the month, for a gradual change in the weather towards late summer,” says Jung. It remains to be seen whether the rain forecasts will be confirmed and whether we will be moving in the direction of autumn weather. (chd)

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