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Heavy storms in Italy: Tornado moves over Lake Garda – hailstones like tennis balls fall

Created: 09/08/2022, 05:27 p.m

In parts of Italy, Thursday began with violent storms. A tornado formed on Lake Garda, while masses of rain poured down elsewhere or hail fell. Fire brigades were in constant use.

Munich – Lake Garda offers a fantastic view that also arouses holiday feelings. Usually. But this Thursday, the conditions on and around the body of water, which is not only popular with tourists, were extremely unusual. A tornado formed over Lake Garda in the morning, as reported by Corriere della Sera , also referring to various videos on social media.

Storm in Italy: Tornado over Lake Garda

Luckily the waterspout didn’t reach the bank, but practically fell into the water. At first, however, it was unclear whether boats were in the immediate vicinity at the time. The Coast Guard had no evidence of casualties or damage to vessels. The region in the southeast of the lake was affected, the newspaper names the towns of Sirmione, Peschiera and Pacenga di Lazise.

Heavy rain also fell over Lake Garda. Sometimes hail fell from the dark clouds. According to the report, while no particular damage was reported, traffic was severely restricted because drivers had to stop or slow down significantly due to poor visibility.

Ein Tornado fegt über den Gardasee
Tornado approaching: Thursday morning was high on Lake Garda. © IMAGO / Joran Steinsiek

Severe weather in Italy: landslides and floods in Lombardy

Other parts of northern Italy were also hit by violent storms. The fire brigade between the Lombard cities of Como and Lecco reported more than 50 night-time operations by 8:30 a.m. Because of the heavy rains and hailstorms, inhabited areas were under water, motorists got into trouble and had to be rescued. Landslides and floods are said to have occurred, as reported by the South Tyrolean portal

In the town of Blevio in the province of Como, which has a population of around 1,000, masses of water, rubble and mud spread, which also flooded houses and cellars. “The water got in everywhere,” a witness is quoted as saying by the Ansa news agency: “One hour of rain caused chaos.” Bulldozers are busy clearing houses and streets of the worst. Torno was also badly hit.

Italy hit by storms: Tornado is said to have touched the E-Werk near Rome

Even farther south there were frightening images. Because even in front of the port city of Civitavecchia northwest of Rome, people were able to discover a tornado. According to Südtirol News , this cyclone even hit an electric power plant of the Italian energy company ENEL above the capital. No one was hurt, but trees were uprooted.

Hailstones with a diameter of six centimeters are said to have fallen in the province of Frosinone, south-east of Rome. So they were about the size of a tennis ball.

Ein Auto fährt durch Hagel auf der Straße
Traces of the devastation: A fire engine is on the move in the hail. © Vigili del Fuoco/dpa

Heavy storms are falling over Italy: a tenth of the annual rainfall within one hour

It was also violent in Tuscany. Several thunderstorms developed in Livorno, which regenerated themselves again and again. According to the report, rainfall of 118 millimeters per hour was given for Corbolone near Venice. That is around a tenth of the amount that normally falls there throughout the year.

It is said that Italy must be prepared for further thunderstorms and heavy rain showers in the coming days. The popular holiday destination had been plagued by a drought for months. In the summer, this even caused the Po to partially dry up, which hit shipping and agriculture particularly hard. As a result, a dispute arose about possible water charges from Lake Garda. (mg)

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