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Heidi Klum releases a song with a world rap star: Rough reactions follow – "My biggest nightmare"

Germany’s most famous model Heidi Klum reveals the latest music highlight of her career. A feature with Snoop Dogg. The song is out now.

Update from January 14, 3:06 p.m .: The wait is over! The song by Snoop Dogg and Heidi Klum is finally out! It bears the sonorous name “Chai Tea with Heidi” – a little play on words, as fans of English, of course, quickly noticed. For about three minutes, Snoop Dogg raps in the song, which at times seems very inspired by Rod Steward’s “Baby Jane”, about the model being as sweet as said eponymous drink. Then Heidi sings “When I fall in love with you, I konw, it’s gonna last forever”. Forever in love with Snoop? Well, what do you think Tom says about that…

Also interesting, by the way: what the fans of the two say about it. In an allusion to the song line “You know it’s lit when it’s Snoop Dogg and Heidi” (loosely translated: You know, it’s great when it comes from Snoop Dogg and Heidi), someone on Twitter writes: “No , that’s more like my worst nightmare.” “Snoopi, what was that about?” Someone also asks. Another just asks: “What else in 2022? WHAT ELSE????”. “I don’t know what I think is worse: Heidi’s thread-thin little mouse voice or the cheap 2008 infinity techno beat + Snoop Dogg’s voice distorted à la Daftpunk,” says someone else. The sober conclusion of another: “I need new idols. And alcohol.”

The song isn’t all bad, though. Some fans even find him “honestly really good”. “Really great! I’ve been dancing all day,” someone wrote. Others even hear it on a continuous loop. Tastes just differ.

First report from January 11, 2022: Los Angeles – At Christmas time, Heidi Klum * already released a Christmas hit called “Wonderland”, which is actually 16 years old, now the next own – and even current – song follows. She turns her hobby into a job. Because, as GNTM mom and wife Tom Kaulitz tells, she sings almost all day. With her musician husband she also has the perfect duet partner – and now also the feature rap legend Snoop Dogg.

Heidi Klum records new song – with Snoop Dogg “Chai Tea with Heidi”

Klum spoke to the picture about her passion for singing. “I love to sing. Preferably all day. My husband knows that makes me happy. Just as I love it when he plays me something on the piano or guitar,” said the 47-year-old to the tabloid. “I love music that keeps my mood up. I love to dance and have fun. Whether it’s at work, getting ready for a date night, or in the car,” Klum continued.

The model also likes to sing with her husband in the shower. Preferably the classic from Frozen 2 “Into the Unknown”. For the 17th season, Heidi insisted on contributing the title song herself. And all that together with Snopp Dogg. Klum calls him the “Godfather of Rap”, she is a “huge fan”. The song is called “Chai Tea with Heidi”, which she got rolling herself and she says: “Either you like the song – or you don’t”. It comes out on January 13th.

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Helene Fischer featuring Snoop Dogg? Heidi Klum explains her music project

Any woman could have sung the song for her, which is why she suddenly uses the name of Helene Fischer. The hit queen together with Snoop Dogg? That would be a fun idea. “At the end of the day, any woman could have sung the song. Could have been Snoop Dogg featuring Helene Fischer,” says Klum at Bild .

However, she is not completely alien to music. She has some experiences, as she tells. “I played the piano for many years, was briefly in the church choir and took classical singing lessons in New York. I danced three times a week for 15 years, that was my great love,” says Klum. (ank) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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