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Helene Fischer makes a touching declaration of love for Thomas Seitel at a mega concert

Created: 10/02/2022 5:02 am

Helene Fischer am 20.08.2022 auf dem Messegelände in München. Helene Fischer und Thomas Seitel zusammen (Fotomontage)
Helene Fischer is a very private person. During her mega concert in Munich, she still lets herself be carried away by a declaration of love for Thomas Seitel. (Photomontage) © IMAGO/osnapix & Screenshot ZDF/Im Rush of the Senses

Helene Fischer is a very private person. The Schlagerqueen rarely chats about her life off the stage. During her mega concert in Munich, she still lets herself be carried away by a declaration of love for Thomas Seitel.

Munich – After Helene Fischer celebrated her love life with Florian Silbereisen very publicly – including declarations of love and kisses on TV – she is more careful with her new relationship. No joint appearances, no couple selfies on Instagram or turtles in public. All the more surprising is the emotional declaration of love in front of 130,000 Schlager fans during their Munich concert on Saturday.

Helene Fischer’s mega concert in Munich: Schlager party with emotional moments

Despite the rain, Helene Fischer, one of the most successful German pop singers of all time, really warmed up her fans in Munich yesterday. “It will be a magical evening,” the Schlagerqueen promises her fans at the beginning of her mega concert. And she was right: the atmosphere was bombastic, people danced and her fans sang along with the lyrics even after a two-year media break.

Helene Fischer am 20.08.2022 auf dem Messegelände in München
Very close: Helene Fischer celebrated with her fans for two and a half hours © IMAGO/osnapix / Hirnschal

But there were also quiet moments in between. After about 45 minutes she took a short break and thanked her band and the concert organizer Klaus Leutgeb. Then she announced her next song: “The next song is a very personal song. I processed a lot in it, I was very, very honest,” reveals Helene Fischer.

“Soulmates”: Helene Fischer surprises at a mega concert with a touching declaration of love

“I wrote this text and just withdrew and let my feelings run free,” Helene Fischer tells her fans with a big grin on her face and finally makes her Thomas Seitel a sweet declaration of love. “The next song is called ‘Hand in Hand’. And yes, I found my soul mate and I am very, very grateful for him, ”said the Schlagerqueen in an unusually private way.

In October last year, Helene Fischer spoke about the importance of the emotional ballad in her music film “In the Rush of the Senses”. The song describes her initial feelings about Thomas Seitel. “From my inner despair to the knowledge: That’s exactly right and it was apparently predetermined by fate”. Although the song is very personal, she made a conscious decision to let people know what was on her mind at the time.

But her ex Florian Silbereisen also gets a small but nice message. Helene Fischer and he have been separated for four years, but the two still have a close friendship. That became more than clear at their mega concert in Munich. After a soulful ballad, Helene Fischer thanks him with a short but meaningful message. Sources used: concert visit

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