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Hero Black 11, so are the new GoPro cameras

After reaching two million subscribers last August, GoPro wants to continue innovating its business model through better devices and a more pronounced commitment to the cloud and its capabilities, since now its Quik platform, in addition to unlimited storage, includes a new video editing service focused on content creators.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, GoPro decided to release a couple of new models of its popular action cameras. These are the Hero 11 Black and the Hero 11 Black Mini, in addition to the new tools in Quik, its video editing platform.

With Quik’s redesign, the cloud now occupies a central role in the GoPro model, as users will be able to quickly record, edit and share content from this infrastructure without the need to download content to their devices.

Although a subscription to the service is required, it provides some extra capabilities, such as once videos are uploaded to the cloud, the platform will automatically make a featured video and send it to users’ phones.

“The automatic editing features are more convenient than ever and that is one of the main tools of this new experience. The fact that you don’t have to wait long for it is a plus, as it makes it easy for them to share their creations,” said Nicholas Woodman, CEO of GoPro.

Features of the new GoPro cameras

The company’s flagship hardware announcement this fall is the Hero 11 Black. On the outside it has no differences with respect to the previous version; however, Woodman, also the founder of GoPro, described it in a meeting with the media as “a beast”, due to its elements inside.

This new device has the highest sensor of the brand so far, with an aspect ratio of 8:7, which is ideal for content creators, since the image can be adapted for vertical or horizontal videos with a quality 4K, while its camera for photos is 27MP.

Another new feature highlighted by Woodman is the HyperView mode, which provides a more realistic point of view in extreme sports, creating a 16:9 aspect capture that covers more elements in the scene.

HyperSmooth is another of the relevant modes of the new family of GoPro cameras, because with it the videos look much more stable despite the movement. In addition, it uses an Artificial Intelligence, called AutoBoost, that dynamically adjusts the field of view in real time for videos with more fluid and stable movements.

When it comes to stills, GoPro promises 10-bit depths, which enable 1 billion shades of color, as well as new sequence settings focused on long exposure times for stargazing, light painting and traffic capture. night.

On the other hand, the second model presented by the brand is Hero11 Black Mini, whose characteristics are portability, lightness and simplicity. Woodman stressed that with this equipment, users should not worry about choosing the camera settings, since it has an “Easy” capture mode that does all the work for them.

It maintains the most important features of its big brother, the Hero11 Black, including the new larger sensor, as well as the rugged design, plus the Enduro battery.

Resistance and durability, keys of Hero11 Black

The new Enduro battery is a relevant element in this new generation of devices, as it is a battery with an extended lifespan that works in adverse conditions, whether cold or hot.

In addition, the cameras have two recording modes focused on battery performance: Maximum Quality, which reduces its level more quickly, or Extended Battery, with which the camera will decide to optimize its functions to last longer.

In terms of resistance, its materials are those already known by users, who can use it in harsh environments without worry, since it is also waterproof to depths of 10 meters.

The price of Hero 11 Black is 499.99 dollars, just over 10,000 pesos. The Creator version, which includes a device that performs the function of a tripod, stick and microphone, will cost $699.99, just over 14,000 pesos, both are available in Mexico, while the Black Mini version costs $399.99, about 8,000 pesos, but it will be available until October 25.

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