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You don't have to buy a new computer this back to school, but you do have to buy some accessories

Life in hybrid mode is leaving many parents and students with little back-to-school capital. Due to historical inflation, a return to school that has required new clothes or uniforms and also an increase in digital activities, the cost of returning to the classroom is higher.

The National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism estimates that the purchase of a computer, tablet or smartphone is included in installment expenses, such as credit card purchases. That is why we made a choice of accessories that can help on the road to renewal.


An important aspect to consider on the subject of headphones is whether they can be used to use other devices, such as cell phones, if you have a jack input on your computer and, above all, if they are comfortable when studying. That is why we bring for various tastes and budgets:

Samsung AKG

In case you have an extra USB-C input or want to use them from your cell phone. these headphones bear the seal of the AKG audio brand and the Korean technology brand. They have the advantage of being small and comfortable to wear for several hours. In some stores you find them from 550 pesos.

Xiaomi MiBasic

If you prefer a jack input, these headphones have all three b’s. They are powerful, comfortable, well priced and come in various colors and models. In some stores you find them for less than 300 pesos.


These headphones combine the best of the wired and wireless worlds, but at a higher cost. They have been awarded by organizations such as the CTA, who are the organizers of CES, and in addition to helping in the return to school, they can be an ally for trips, playing video games or editing audio. You find them from 5,500 pesos.

LG Tone Free FP3

With a very portable, discreet case and good battery performance, these LG headphones will be great allies to take online classes or to put on white noise while you concentrate on homework. You find them from 3,000 pesos.


A good camera can help you have a better resolution when you are making a presentation or when you need to present a topic. It can also help you play videos, in case they are requested to take an exam or school test. You can use these types of devices for older desktops or laptops without spending a lot of money.

Logitech C270

This small device will help you have better audio and video, as it is a 720 HD camera that helps improve the resolution of your video calls. You find it from 700 pesos.


This is one of the best webcams on the market, as it uses Artificial Intelligence technology that helps to have wireless commands. Its cost is much higher than several on the market, but it is even used to create content. You can get it from 4,000 pesos.

Improve your Wi-Fi

Deco is a solution for your network, which includes the most complete security for uninterrupted internet distribution from room to room. It is easy to configure, thanks to its application, while the Deco M5 model has the facility to improve the connection in each room. Its cost is 3,800 pesos.

a good hard drive

Many times your computer is slow because the memory is saturated with information that is not necessary to consult immediately. That is why you can use an external hard drive as an option to complement and enhance your study experience.

Adata has 1TB options with performance to store data and videos in 8K and UHD 4K. You can find several options from 1,500 pesos.

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