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"He's absolutely charming": 7 signs you might recognize a psychopath

Created: 09/02/2022, 05:01 p.m

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Psychopaths are masters at presenting themselves in a good light and know how to manipulate their environment in a targeted manner (symbol image). © IMAGO/Ok Shu

Psychopaths are more common in society than many would think. However, if you pay attention to the right signs, you can quickly see through their evil game.

Stuttgart – When you think of psychopaths, the first thing that probably comes to mind is murderers or other criminals. In fact, in addition to these extreme cases, there is a much larger number of people who are psychopaths. As psychologist Dominik Schwarzinger from the University of Media, Communication and Economics in Berlin explains in an interview with SWR1 , we even encounter psychopaths every day. One in eight people has psychopathic personality traits.

As a prime example of a psychopath, psychologist Schwarzinger does not name a real person – as might be expected – but a film character: James Bond. “He’s absolutely charming, has a huge ego, but at the same time is absolutely cold and unemotional. He kills, has no remorse and is absolutely fearless. He can switch instantly from a combat action to a love scene.”

Psychopaths: “Not every psychopath is the same” – however, certain behaviors are typical

According to Schwarzinger, psychopaths like to look for managerial positions in professional life. “They have a very dominant demeanor with very high demands on others and an emotional hardness towards other people.” At the same time, however, psychopaths can also come across as quite charming, friendly and competent. As the expert points out, every psychopath is simply different. However, 7 behaviors are very typical of the personality disorder:

  • Arrogance, almost egocentric exaggeration of the self
  • Exaggeration of one’s own claims and needs
  • very dominant appearance
  • high demands on other people
  • emotional hardship towards others
  • exploitative behavior
  • Most likely never volunteered because it doesn’t do him any good

Those: SWR1

According to Schwarzinger, there is a very plausible reason why so many people fall for psychopaths and don’t recognize them directly: “For one thing, psychopaths don’t show these traits from the start. If you want to parasite and exploit others, you have to create these opportunities first. This means that these people flatter themselves, they flatter themselves, they don’t necessarily take advantage of others at the beginning, but maybe also give something. They manage to become friends with others – and then these things start.”

Psychopaths: “You seem healthy, apparently normal – but that’s a mask”

According to Schwarzinger, the problem with psychopaths is that these people appear to be completely healthy to others. “They appear healthy, apparently normal, often almost better and more competent than other people. But that’s just a mask, and underneath they have very negative urges, which they then act out.” The expert recommends: As soon as you identify a psychopath, you should quickly distance yourself from him – provided the possibility exists.

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