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High corona wave should come: Lauterbach joins Drosten – but a lockdown is currently out of the question

Created: 09/11/2022, 2:55 p.m

Karl Lauterbach
Karl Lauterbach (SPD). (Archive image) © Sebastian Kahnert/dpa

Corona could also cause high numbers of infections for the third winter in a row, at least that’s what virologist Christian Drosten fears. Karl Lauterbach rules out a lockdown.

Berlin – Germany is once again facing a winter in which the corona virus could result in increasing numbers of infections and possibly even restrictions in everyday life. However, Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach does not currently see the possibility of another lockdown. Lauterbach does not currently believe that the schools will be closed either.

Virologist Drosten fears a high corona wave – Lauterbach is currently excluding lockdown

“Lockdowns are no longer justifiable. Unless we come back to the pandemic situation. But I don’t see the danger,” Lauterbach told the Rheinische Post . On Saturday, the Federal Minister of Health set off on a multi-day trip to Israel to find out about the country’s corona strategy. Lauterbach said of the Infection Protection Act passed by the Bundestag: “I wouldn’t have wanted more measures either. Because we couldn’t have gotten more through with the population either.” Closures of schools or the hospitality industry are no longer needed and he “never called for” this autumn.

The well-known virologist Christian Drosten also spoke often during the pandemic. It was only this weekend that Drosten said that he would expect a strong corona wave before December. The Director of Virology at the Charité warned in the Süddeutsche Zeitung that even if the courses were easier, this would probably lead to considerable loss of work. New virus variants made people sicker again, so that many people could not go to work, regardless of isolation regulations – even if they did not have to go to the hospital straight away.

Virologist Drosten fears numerous absences from illness and possible company closures

The corona expert therefore called for better political precautions, such as a renewed obligation to wear masks indoors. In addition, politicians must ensure the collection of data, on the basis of which measures to contain corona waves can be decided quickly, Drosten demanded. Drosten advised the economy in the SZ to prepare for a wave of illness with deputy regulations and team building. “I also assume that there will definitely be companies that have to close for two weeks,” said the virologist.

Lauterbach followed Drosten’s warnings via Twitter. He sees “the wave coming for the fall,” he tweeted. “Unfortunately, that’s how I see it too.” However, the country will be “well prepared” with vaccines, medicines and good digital data on the pandemic.

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