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High fuel prices: ADAC Südbayern gives tank tips – and comments on Lindner's discount proposal

Fuel prices continue to rise. According to ADAC Südbayern, falling petrol prices are not to be expected in the near future. However, the automobile club has tips on how to fill up as cheaply as possible.

Munich – The Ukraine conflict* escalated into a war almost three weeks ago after the invasion of Russia* on the orders of Vladimir Putin*. The global horror was and is great, but also the solidarity and helpfulness is immense (read our overview* to find out how you can help Ukraine refugees in Bavaria). The effects of the war are also noticeable here, including at the petrol pump. Prices well over 2 euros for diesel, super and E 10 are not the exception, but the rule.*

Ukraine war and high fuel prices: ADAC Südbayern gives an assessment

Is there an end to the constantly new record prices in sight soon? “The increase in fuel prices is also due to developments in the crude oil market, which has been in turmoil due to the war in Ukraine*. Since the previous week, the price of Brent crude oil from the North Sea has increased by more than 20 US dollars,” explains a spokesman for ADAC Südbayern when asked about Merkur . However, he makes it clear: “The ADAC does not believe that this justifies the explosive increase in fuel prices registered on 09.03.22. As a result, the price of petrol has decoupled itself from the price of crude oil and the dollar exchange rate.”

The further development is difficult to predict, but “in the foreseeable future, falling fuel prices are not to be expected.” Therefore, the ADAC spokesman has a tip: “As usual, it is important to take advantage of cheap gasoline prices during the course of the day. So fill up even if the tank is only half empty as soon as I see a cheap gas station.”

Ukraine war – ADAC Südbayern gives tips to fill up as cheaply as possible

In the course of the day, the prices at the pumps would fluctuate greatly, sometimes there were differences of several cents: “It is usually the most expensive in the morning hours from 7 a.m. and in the evening rush hour, it is cheapest to fill up in the evening hours,” the spokesman said And further: “The price differences between the usual branded gas stations can be significant and – as evaluations by the ADAC show – amount to around six cents per liter.”

Gas prices continue to rise, but at a slower pace (video)

Fuel prices in Bavaria have risen sharply as a result of the Ukraine crisis. This leads to extensive tank tourism, especially in the border areas. But is it worth it?

Tank discount: ADAC Südbayern comments on Lindner’s proposal

Finance Minister Christian Lindner had brought a tank discount into play due to the high prices. As Focus Online claims to have learned from government circles, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) was “quite angry” about his minister’s advance. How does the ADAC Südbayern evaluate the FDP politician’s proposal? “In view of the dramatic development in fuel prices, it is important that an effective solution that can be implemented quickly is found. The exact design of a tank discount is still completely open and controversial in the federal government. However, such a discount would have the advantage that traders would also benefit. For consumers, a reduction in VAT from 19 to 7 percent is a good solution that would quickly lead to significant relief,” the ADAC spokesman told (kam) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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