NewsHigh temperatures: This is not how make-up runs

High temperatures: This is not how make-up runs

Created: 08/16/2022, 12:49 p.m

Hohe Temperaturen Make-up Hitze
If you don’t want to do without make-up when the temperature is sweaty, you should use waterproof mascara and mattifying powder. This prevents the make-up from running quickly. © Christin Klose/dpa-tmn

Heat and sweat can be a real challenge for makeup. But there are tips on how to keep mascara, lipstick and foundation from running.

Darmstadt – The sweat runs and the mascara with it: At high temperatures, you often sweat on your forehead, nose and around the eyes. If you don’t want to do without make-up but want to avoid panda eyes, it is better to use waterproof mascara and powder-based eye shadow in summer. That’s what “” advises.

An eye primer, i.e. a primer especially for the eyes, which is applied to the eyelids before the eyeshadow, also prevents the color from settling or running in the crease of the eyelid.

Tinted day cream instead of heavy make-up

When it comes to foundation, the higher the temperature, the lighter the texture should be. Instead of a classic foundation, a tinted day cream can be a good choice in summer. The creams, which are often found in stores as BB or CC creams, moisturise and mattify the complexion at the same time. If you go into the sun, you should make sure that the tinted creams also have UV protection.

For oily skin, “” recommends using a BB or CC cream in addition to compact powder after priming. It absorbs grease and sweat and also has a matting effect.

By the way: Lips do not have sweat glands. But if you sweat around your mouth, the lipstick can also run easily. In summer, you should therefore primarily rely on matte lipstick colors. They contain less oils and waxes – and therefore don’t smear as easily. A primer for the lips can also help the lipstick last longer at high temperatures. dpa

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