News"His condition is stable": Norway's King Harald remains in...

"His condition is stable": Norway's King Harald remains in the hospital

Created: 06.08.2022 Updated: 08/06/2022 09:14 am

After Norway’s King Harald V was rushed to hospital, the palace is back with an update on the regent’s health. The 85-year-old contracted an infection. He has not yet been discharged from the hospital.

Update from August 6, 9:10 a.m .: The Norwegian royal family has revealed further details about King Harald’s (85) hospital stay. As a brief message from the palace reveals, the monarch will spend “a few days” at Oslo University Hospital. Harald V. was initially taken to the hospital with a fever, where an infection was finally diagnosed. The infection is being treated with antibiotics, and King Harald’s condition remains stable.

First report from August 4th, 5:15 p.m.: Oslo – The royal family issued a short message. However, more information is not yet known.

King Harald of Norway in hospital – not the first time

In recent years, the Norwegian king has been treated several times in the Reich Hospital: Harald V. underwent leg surgery in 2021, and an artificial heart valve was replaced a few months earlier. In March, the 85-year-old was infected with the corona virus. However, he showed only slight symptoms of illness. Sources used:,,,

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