FunHolidays 2021: how to use the air conditioning in...

Holidays 2021: how to use the air conditioning in the car

One more year, the month of August is approaching and millions of Spaniards will travel to take vacations. When driving, all precautions are not enough, and for this reason, the DGT gives us advice on how to use the air conditioning in the car .

With the pandemic in tow, we all deserve vacations and, for now, there may be movements between communities within the country, and also towards others. Now, when taking the car we must bear in mind certain items such as speed , not being tired, and the heat, because it is summer and we need to cool off.

Tips for using air conditioning when driving

Most of the cars have air conditioning to be able to go more comfortable and cool on the different routes in the summer months. The DGT recommends actions to use air correctly.

Lower the temperature earlier

The more heat there is inside the car, the more fuel the air conditioning system will use when operating.

Thus, it is advisable to manually reduce the temperature of the car. A very simple trick is to roll down the window at the rear opposite the driver and open and close the driver’s door several times.

Always use the air with the car running

It should not be used in air conditioning if the car is not running because it only sours to waste fuel and it is not worth it.

Outside air inlet

According to the DGT, once the desired temperature has been reached, the outside air intake must be activated. In this way, fuel consumption is reduced.

Reasonable temperature

No need to go overboard with the temperature inside. As a general rule, the temperature should oscillate between 21º and 23º. Below these limits, fuel consumption can represent an increase of 30%.

Windows always up

If we put the air conditioning in the car, then the ideal is to roll up the windows, if there is no hot air from outside. And is that driving with the windows down directly affects fuel consumption.

This is hardly noticeable if we go less than 80 km / h but if we exceed about 110 km / h, it is best to roll up the windows and put the air conditioning, so as not to reduce the aerodynamics of the car and shoot the consumption of gasoline or diesel.

Clean the air filter

In the same way that happens with the air at home, there is also a filter here and it must be cleaned so that it works correctly. And it is also important to replace it when necessary.


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