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Hope was green

Who is the failure of the repurchase of the university clinics?

Roland Koch was Prime Minister of Hesse for eleven years, from 1999 to 2010. The memory of him is far from faded, too many wounds have not healed: Unforgettable the destruction of the existence of four tax officers with the help of manipulated psychiatric reports because they were about to step on the feet with their investigations of the Deutsche Bank; unbelievable the blatant lie of “Jewish legacies” to cover up CDU black money; unbelievable the breach of the promise of a night flight ban made before the state elections in 2003; The hushing up of the dark role of the Hessian constitutional protection officer Temme in the NSU murder of Halit Yozgat in Kassel on April 6, 2006 is uncanny to this day. And unheard of that his successor Volker Bouffier (also CDU) awarded him the Wilhelm Leuschner Medal for this in 2017 has, the highest honor and distinction of the state of Hesse.

Roland Koch even left scorched earth behind in the healthcare sector. After the merger of the university clinics in Marburg and Gießen in 2005, 95 percent of the shares were sold to the Rhön clinic group for 112 million euros. While hospitals nationwide were in the red, the Rhön clinics promised their shareholders a return of ten percent. And they kept their promise! Where does this ten percent come from? To do this, you have to trample on collective agreements, close unprofitable departments, save on human resources and make use of third-party services from wage-suppressing companies.

The wave of privatization of hospitals has caused a lot of mischief nationwide, but the sale of two university clinics to a listed clinic group was and is the summit, an absolute novelty. There had never been anything like it in Europe before. Something like that never happened again after that, because this concept failed terribly. All warnings were ignored. A report by the German University Association, an association of more than 30,000 university scientists, stated as early as 2013: “The experience at the Giessen / Marburg Clinic has shown that the expected returns required by the private company are not in line with the tasks of a university clinic Are to be brought into harmony. ”Nothing has changed in that regard to this day.

The demands for the state of Hesse to buy back the university clinics have never stopped, but have not been as loud as they are for a long time. In the meantime, the Rhön Group has sold the two university clinics to the Asklepios Group. Nothing has gotten better as a result, on the contrary. Whole groups of medical and nursing staff leave the university clinics again and again because of unreasonable working conditions. Stations have to be closed. The Hessian state government let a possible repurchase date pass without a hitch. That is not to be understood because not only the SPD in town and country had been calling for the buyback for years, but also the Greens, particularly loudly.

Bernd Hontschik ist Chirurg und Publizist:


Bernd Hontschik is a surgeon and publicist:

Today three members of the Hessian state government are responsible for the University Hospitals Gießen / Marburg: Economics Minister Tarek Al-Wazir (Greens), Social Affairs Minister Kai Klose (Greens) and Science Minister Angela Dorn (Greens). They pretend to be deaf. Neither the calls for help from the medical and nursing staff, nor a legal opinion on the repurchase options, nor a repurchase petition supported by more than 17,000 citizens have so far prompted them to take the issue on their agenda.

Green is hope, they say. In Hesse and in health policy, green has so far been a bitter disappointment.

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