NewsHorror on roller coaster ride in Japan

Horror on roller coaster ride in Japan

When leisure fun turns into fear: Dozens of Japanese people suddenly got stuck on a roller coaster at a clear height. What was the reason?

Osaka – At dizzying heights on a roller coaster, dozens of Japanese people suddenly got stuck in the middle of the ride – and their hearts slipped in their pants.

A power outage turned the roller coaster ride “Hollywood Dream – The Ride” at the Universal Studios Japan amusement park in Osaka on Friday into a nightmare. Fortunately, the 35 passengers got away with the shock when their journey came to a sudden stop near the highest point of all places. The supposed Hollywood dream is known for its steep descent from a height of around 43 meters.

Nobody was injured in the incident, as the operator assured. The guests are unlikely to have experienced a greater adrenaline rush on any other rollercoaster ride.

Employees eventually took them to safety. Some other attractions and around 3,200 households in the area were also affected by the power outage around noon (local time). Shortly afterwards electricity started flowing again. The cause of the breakdown was initially unknown. dpa

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