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How do I know who I deposited with SPEI and track the transfer?

Did you make a transfer but it is not reflected? According to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) your payment is never lost, so it has designed mechanisms through which you can track your payments or electronic transfers. We tell you how.

Why doesn’t a bank transfer appear?

There may be some situations in which the payment is not reflected, either because your bank’s connection with the Interbank Electronic Payment System (SPEI) or with the Interbank Payment System in Dollars (SPID) has a problem, your connection from the portal with the bank failed, to the case when the bank receiving the payment does not respond in time.

Another reason why your payment may not have been made is that one of the banks involved has connection problems. In the case of payments made by SPEI, you can check the status of the connection in the following link.

What do I need to follow up on a SPEI?

To consult individual SPEI and SPID payments and print an Electronic Payment Receipt (CEP) you must have the following information at hand:

  • Operation date
  • Reference number or tracking key.
  • Names of the issuing bank and the receiving bank of the payment.
  • CLABE of the beneficiary account.
  • Amount of the operation.

Steps to track a transfer in Banxico

Simply enter this information in the corresponding link, depending on whether it is a payment via SPEI or SPID:

It is important to mention that if the CLABE of the beneficiary account and the amount of the operation are omitted in the queries made in the aforementioned links, only the “state of your payment” will be displayed.

How to obtain a SPEI voucher

You can check batches of payments made by SPEI, up to 500 transfers, in the following link.

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