FunHow many dimensions are there and what are they

How many dimensions are there and what are they

How many dimensions are there? It is one of the most repeated questions in the history of mankind, but so far no one has been able to find the exact answer. The answer seems relatively easy, based on what we have all learned as children in school: there are three dimensions, width, length and depth. However, theoretical physics disagrees with this answer.

String theory physicists argue that there are at least 10 spatial dimensions, nothing more and nothing less. What happens is that humans cannot perceive most of them.

More and more scientists consider time to be a fourth dimension . For us it is something linear, but it might not be perceived in the same way on a universal level. Albert Einstein himself demonstrated that time is relative, and it has even been observed on occasion that if a series of conditions are met, it can bend.

Taking all this into account, although there is no exact answer about the number of dimensions that exist, there is something that we are very clear about: it is a very complex field. In theory it is a relatively simple concept since it is based on the metrics used to describe the real world, as we humans perceive it. But everything gets complicated when physical theories come into play, which try to explain a world that we cannot fully understand.

How many dimensions are there?

If we look at the reality that we can perceive, the answer is very simple. There are three dimensions: depth, width, and height. They are dimensions that we can all visualize, and there are even 3D screens .

But science goes a step further, and indicates that for these three dimensions to exist, a fourth must exist, time. The scientific community maintains that any object has a position in time, so that time is where the other three are represented. Based on this theory, there are four dimensions .

But theoretical physics raises the complexity of this dilemma to another level. String theory describes the universe using quantum mechanics and general relativity, as if it were held together by a series of strings.

String theory holds that there are 10 dimensions in the universe, 11 if we count the time. But none of us can observe and perceive seven of them because they are too small.

And there is still more! Because bosonic string theory states that there are 26 dimensions.