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How many Valentina sauces are there and in which countries are they sold?

Among the many things that distinguish Mexicans, the taste for spicy is one that stands out. One of the best-known commercial sauces in the country -and one that is probably found in most of the cupboards of Mexico- is the Valentina sauce .

The origin of this product dates back to the 1950s, at the hands of Manuel Maciel Méndez. There are two versions, one indicates that Maciel was dedicated to the sale of soft drinks and the other says that he sold popsicles; Whatever the case, in 1960 the venture took a 180-degree turn.

That year the production of Tamazula sauce began as a family business in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Such was the acceptance of this flavor that over the years Tamazula sauce launched new brands on the national market, Valentina sauce and Costa Brava.

Why is her name Valentine?

The name is inspired by Valentina Ramírez Avitia, a female soldier who, dressed as a man, joined the Madero troops at the age of 17.

Her story has become like “the Mexican Mulán”, due to its similarity to the story of the Chinese warrior.

How many types of Valentina sauce are there?

In addition to the classic yellow and black labels (the spiciest), there is also Valentina powder and Valentina Marisquera, special to accompany seafood.

The classic, with a yellow label, is sold in versions of up to 4 liters, down to the smallest of 125 milliliters.

In which countries is Valentina sauce sold?

According to the brand’s official website, the company’s participation in the hot sauce market covers a large part of the Mexican Republic and some states of the American Union, such as California, Texas and Illinois, although it is also possible to find it in Canada, Spain and some South American countries.

It’s not a salsa stain, it’s Jalisco

The image that can be seen on the labels of the Valentina sauce is not a sauce stain as some people think, but the silhouette of the state of Jalisco.

Other uses of Valentina sauce

In 2013, the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ciudad Juárez found another use for this sauce, it was not to accompany French fries or instant soups, but rather polished bronze statues with it.

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