Tech UPTechnologyHow much do you know about cybersecurity?

How much do you know about cybersecurity?

Will television die because of the metaverse?

As young people turn to interactive forms of entertainment, the metaverse looms as a major threat. Experts warn that television will die with its audience.

Confirmed: telecommuting has no negative impact on productivity

Working from home doesn't hurt productivity. One more support for teleworking.

Synchron begins human testing of its brain implant

Elon Musk's rival company Neuralink is moving ahead, for now, at a faster pace. His implant allows the user to control a computer using only thought.

Microcomputers, the smallest yet

In 2018, engineers from the University of Michigan unveiled a computer smaller than a millimeter. Is there a limit to reducing the size of computers?

A swarm of drones moves autonomously through a forest (and without colliding)

Does it remind you of Blade Runner? Scientists were inspired by the film to train their drones to navigate through forests. And they do it with great precision, by the way.