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How to change the font in your WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp has gradually become one of the most popular messaging apps around the world . With more than 2 billion subscribers and rising, as announced by the Facebook-owned messaging application, this chat application is the preferred way to interact with friends, professionals, and even send photos and videos to each other.

While it is true that there are several applications that are compatible with WhatsApp and allow you to change the letter in the messages, it has been a long time since WhatsApp added a function to change the text format of its chats to make them look more fun and aesthetic.

You may already know how to bold, italicize, and strikethrough in text messages, but do you also know how to change the font? (and say goodbye to the default font)

It is not something complicated, and taking into account that applications such as Telegram do allow a high level of customization , in WhatsApp it is possible to modify some aspects from its configuration, although not as much as other apps.

Use Typewriter font

The typewriter font is one of the most used in social networks because it makes our texts look more aesthetically pleasing with a retro touch. You don’t need any app to apply this feature to messages. Just a little effort.

To change the font of WhatsApp messages to typewriter mode, you have to type the symbol “` “three times on each side of the word. For example, “ Hello ”. Do not confuse this symbol with “‘”. You can easily locate this symbol on the Android keyboard of your mobile, although it is a bit more difficult to find on an iPhone. For this case, you have to hold down the symbol “‘” and after that, you will see a series of symbols hovering over the one pressed. Precisely there you can find the symbol that you need to apply to change the font type in WhatsApp.

If you don’t want to get so complicated and you are looking for something much simpler, you can download one of the many applications that exist to change the fonts.



It is available on both Google Play and the App Store. It is a really simple tool to install and use. How to install and start it:

  1. Download the Fonts App
  2. Enter Fonts and click on ‘Enable Fonts Keyboard’.
  3. Select Fonts as virtual keyboard.
  4. Go back into the application and click on ‘Switch to Fonts’.
  5. You will have to mark Fonts as the main keyboard.
  6. Clever!

When you return to WhatsApp and open the keyboard in any conversation you will see that, at the top, all the available fonts appear. Choose the one you like best.


Stylish Text

Like Fonts, this app is available on Google Play and App Stores and will allow us to change the font and font of the application. It has hundreds of different styles and fonts, and so you can change your style easily. When you choose the text and the type of font, you can share it directly by clicking on the WhatsApp icon to choose the conversation or group where you want to send the message.

By the way, if you also want to change the font size of the WhatsApp conversation, you must go to Settings -> Chats -> Font size. Here you will see that you have three options and you only have to choose the one that suits you best: small, medium or large. Select the size you prefer and voila, from now on you will have the size that best suits your preferences.


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