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How to check the use of the RAM memory of our computer

RAM memory , also known as random access memory , becomes another of the essential components in a huge number of very diverse devices, not only in the computer, but also in smart mobile phones and even in video game consoles. And, without it, almost any task on any system would be much, much slower.

In fact, not having enough RAM available when using a certain application, or a game that we are trying to run, can end up causing the system to slow down a lot, or even prevent the operating system from running normally.

It is a high-speed element that temporarily stores all the information that that particular device needs , not only at that particular moment, but also intermittently. Access to this data is extremely fast, unlike hard drives, which are characterized by being slightly slower, although it is true that they provide greater storage capacity, especially in the long term.

Thus, the most important consideration when buying RAM for a computer is how much we originally need. For example, a minimum amount is required when running an operating system, while many applications or games also require a minimum requirement, which are listed in gigabytes (GB), and typically range from 1GB to 8GB, although it is possible to opt for 16 GB versions (or even larger).

Checking RAM usage in Windows

The truth is that checking the use of RAM memory in both Windows and macOS is extremely simple and simple. But you need to know how to get to that information.

To achieve this, in Windows we must hold down Alt + Ctrl while pressing Delete . Doing so will open the task manager menu of our computer. Then we must click on Task Manager , which we will find in the last option of the menu.

Then we must click on the Performance tab, which we will find at the top of the Task Manager window. Now we must click on Memory, located in the left part of the window. Here it will be possible to see how much RAM of the computer is currently being used, in graph format, or by observing the number located just below (what is in use, in gigabytes, and as a percentage).

Checking RAM usage on Mac

Checking the use of RAM in macOS is equally straightforward and simple, although this time you must use Spotlight , which is the system’s search engine, which you will easily access by clicking on the magnifying glass icon that you will find in the system menu. , just at the top right of the screen.

Once in the search form, you just have to type Activity Monitor in the search bar, and this application will appear. Once clicked on it, we can see the current consumption of RAM on our Mac, as long as we click on Memory .

We will access data such as physical memory, used memory (distributed in app memory, physical and compressed memory), and files stored in cache.

In this way, it is possible to discover which applications might be using RAM memory excessively, and act accordingly.

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