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How to connect a USB printer to the network in Windows

Whether we work in a team or if we do it at home by ourselves, it is true that having a printer connected to the network offers us many possibilities, especially when we tend to make more or less intensive use of it, either because we need to print documents for work, or to carry out different administrative procedures.

Worse, there is no doubt that it provides many more advantages when that network printer is part of a work group, or of a computer network, since all devices can access that same printer, and also at the same time. In this way, not only is it possible to have to carry out less maintenance, but the company will save costs by not needing a printer for each employee.

At home it also gives us many possibilities. Even when we don’t use it much, having a USB printer connected to the network is tremendously useful when different members of the family need to print documents and, in addition, use different computers or digital devices. But how can we connect it to the network?

Connecting the printer to a router (in Windows)

The first step is to find the USB port on our router or router . Of course, before continuing with the explanation of this step, we must bear in mind that not all routers support a USB connection, although it is true that the vast majority of current routers, and not only the higher-end ones, offer this functionality.

In this way, if the router that we have at home does not have USB functionality, then the solution is to buy a printer server and thus connect the printer to the network.

We connect the printer to the USB port of the router , an extremely simple and simple step, which does not require too much complication. Now we must turn on the printer and wait at least 1 minute, during which time the router will recognize the printer that we have connected to it.

Now we need to enable print sharing on the router . To do this, we have to open any web browser and type the IP address of the router in the address bar, and then press Enter. This is generally or We log in to the router, and once inside we will access the device’s firmware configuration screen.

We access the menu where to configure USB connectivity, and we must enable compatibility with the USB printer (or, well, with the Printer Server mode). Once the change is made, we must save the configuration.

Now we go to our computer. Click on the Windows icon that we will find located in the lower left corner of the taskbar, and click on the Printer and scanners option when typing the word “Printer” in the search engine.

Now click on the Add a printer or scanner button , at which point Windows will automatically search for available devices. Of course, it is quite likely that it will not be able to detect the printer that we want to add, so we will surely have to click on The printer that I want does not appear in the list .

We select Add a printer or local network with manual configuration , and click Next . Click on Create a new printer port , and in the drop-down menu we are left with the standard TCP / IP option, and then click Next .

Now that we are in the next section, we only have to enter the IP address of our router, click on Next, select Custom , and install the printer drivers. If you have the installation file, or a CD, this is the ideal time to select / insert it. Otherwise, you can select the printer brand and model.

To finish, we just have to write a name for our printer, and click on Do not share this printer . Clever! We can now start printing without leaving the seat, easily and through the network.

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