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How to erase a lost Android mobile phone

You find yourself shopping in a supermarket, in the usual rush, since you are late to pick up your child from daycare. You are consulting the opinions of a certain beauty product that you just found on the beauty shelf.

And after analyzing the list of ingredients and evaluating it very well, you put the product inside the cart or basket, and continue with your routine to continue buying the rest of the things that you are missing.

But you don’t notice something: you just left your forgotten mobile phone on the shelf, and as you usually pay with a bank card, you don’t realize it until you are in the car and you are going to turn on Spotify to listen to your favorite music .

The result? When you rush to the place in the supermarket where you think you have forgotten your mobile phone, you realize that it is gone. Someone has found it, and instead of being a good citizen and leaving it to customer service, they have kept it for themselves.

What to do in these cases? If it is an Android mobile phone , you should know that Google offers the possibility to delete its content , find it or even block it remotely so that no one can use it.

Deleting our Android mobile phone

To start the process we must go to the official page of Find my device in Google, and proceed to log in with our Google account. In case of having several telephones, we must click on the one that we have lost.

Once this is done, the device that we have lost will receive a message as a notification, and the map would show information about where it could be, although it is an approximate location and never completely precise. However, if it is not possible to locate it at that time, the last available known location will appear.

Now we must click on the Delete device button, which will permanently delete all the data from the phone (although it may not delete the data that is stored on the SD card).

Once deleted, it will not be possible to use Find my device, but, at least, we will be sure that all our data has been deleted to prevent it from being viewed by others without our consent.

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