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How to get iPhone and Mac to work together

If you have an iPhone and you usually work with a Mac every day (or vice versa), it is very likely that you have already discovered some of the advantages offered by the association that the bitten apple brand has achieved with each of its different devices , in such a way that, by accessing them through the same Apple ID, it is perfectly possible to have a series of joint functionalities that help us to work from one or the other without loss of data, and without having to continually send us the information by email or through pendrives.

And we are not referring, precisely, to the different data that we can store automatically through iCloud , the cloud storage system developed by the aforementioned company for a few years.

If you already have several devices, it is quite possible that you already know that Apple has a clear tendency to get them to work with each other. Although it is true that, in most cases, we most often do not appreciate the number of different ways in which we can work together without problems.

Even though not all the features have worked quite well, as time goes by, Apple has managed to take them to a better level of both stability and intuition. If you have a Mac from 2012 or later with macOS High Sierra, or an iPhone with iOS 11, and both are also connected to an iCloud account with the same credentials, then we will explain everything you need to know about it.

Answer calls from iPhone on Mac

One of the main characteristics that most attracts the attention of many users is when they are working from their Macbook Pro or iMac, they have an iPhone, and suddenly, just at the moment when a phone call comes in, An incoming call notice appears on the desktop device, with the possibility of rejecting or answering the call comfortably, even when we have the iPhone on the ground floor.

It is, without a doubt, a truly useful functionality, which has saved more than one from having to leave work halfway to see who was calling. In this way, we manage not only to save effort, but also time.

Universal clipboard

You may not know it, but Apple has developed what we could call the Universal Clipboard , which is exactly what it sounds like: after having pressed the copy command as we normally would on our iMac or Macbook, we can resume this copied content on any another device and directly use the paste command. In this way, we manage to avoid sending this information (either text or image) via email or iCloud.

To do this, if for example we are working with our Macbook, we only have to highlight the text that we want to copy, we choose Edit and Copy (or, press Cmd + C ). Then we will switch to our iPhone and, keeping the screen pressed so that the pop-up menu appears, we will click on Paste . The copied content should appear.

It works in the other direction too, and with images too. Of course, the company advises that the copied information will only be available for a short period of time, so it should not take long to paste it on the other device.

IMovie projects

If you have started working on a movie on your iPhone or iPad, the truth is that you can comfortably move it to your Mac in order to finish it, as long as we are using iMovie on both devices. It is, there is no doubt, quite a useful functionality, especially if we consider that it is most likely that we have the video recorded on our iPhone.

Within iMovie for iOS, we must click on Projects and choose the project that we want to use. Then we must press the Share button and two options will appear: select iCloud Drive , or wait for our Mac to appear inside the AirDrop panel.

Access the Internet with iMac from iPhone

This is possibly quite an interesting feature, especially when you need to send that important work from your iMac and all of a sudden you have run out of internet connectivity. Obviously, this feature will depend directly on the data plan of your mobile phone , but if your Mac detects an iPhone with a data signal nearby, it will include it in the different WiFi networks available, to be able to connect to the internet through it.

From Settings in iOS, we must choose Personal Hotspot to see the available options and instructions. The WiFi password for the access point will also be included here, if there are other devices to connect to. Then, for the option to be available, we must activate the Personal Access Point option. By clicking on the WiFi symbol in the menu bar of our Mac, we can choose on the iPhone entry, and everything will happen automatically.

Send and receive text messages

Just as we can answer calls from our Mac on the iPhone, it is also possible to send text messages from the desktop device, while Messages will be synchronized automatically. They are standard SMS, which will mean that the telephone operator will charge us for each text message sent (remember that it is not the same as the messages we send through our social networks).

In Settings, touch Messages , then Text message forwarding and we will activate our Mac. Once this is done, open Messages in macOS and we can compose new text messages for any contact, while we can continue threads.

Keep in mind that not all SMS history will be synchronized, but all text messages received and sent after having enabled this functionality will appear automatically.

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