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How to hide files on our mobile phone

If you tend to be quite reserved, and you prefer to keep some important or secret files safe, the truth is that there are countless options available to hide them on Android or iOS. Regardless of the device and operating system that we use, all those files whose privacy we want to protect will remain perfectly hidden from the view of any other user.

However, we must take certain precautions. And it is that although it is true that many of the solutions that we propose throughout this note are useful to increase the privacy of your files for children, your partner or a close relative, not all of them will necessarily be useful to protect them from a hacker, or any other user with experience in the matter.


If you are a regular user of iOS, it is very likely that you already know that accessing the different files of the operating system is enormously complicated and difficult, much more than in Android. In such a way that, unless it is about photos or videos, it is enormously difficult for other users to have access to the file system of the same.

However, snapshots and videos can be hidden directly from the Photos app to keep them away from prying eyes. How can we do it? You just have to access the application in question, open the file, click on the Share button and then click on Hide . This will help to remove the photo or video from different sections, such as Collections, Moments and Years, although it could be accessible if some user looks for it within the Hidden album, present in the Albums section.


Most of the files that we tend to use on a mobile phone are photos and videos, since the most common is that the rest of the files (such as documents) are automatically stored in the cloud.

For photos or videos, it is possible to hide a photo in Google Photos for Android. To achieve this, we only have to keep our finger pressed on the photograph in question, and then touch the menu button with three vertical dots, selecting the Archive option. Although it is still possible to extract the file, it provides some level of protection for the most sensitive snapshots.

What if I am using a Samsung phone? In this case, you must access the Gallery application, select those photos and videos that you want to view, press the menu button with three vertical dots, choose Move to secure folder and enter the folder’s PIN.

But if you want to use another option a little more complete then you can try Keepsafe, an app used by more than 50 million users that creates a kind of PIN-protected digital vault on the phone for all those photos and videos that we really want other people do not see.

Its operation is truly simple and straightforward. Once downloaded and installed, you just have to add all those visual files that you want to protect. And, to recover them, you just have to select them from inside Keepsafe.

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