FunHow to know if sunscreen is expired

How to know if sunscreen is expired

Sunscreen or sunscreen is perhaps the most used product in summer. In fact, it is essential to protect the skin from the sun and more if we are going to spend long days in the pool or beach but like all products it has an expiration date so it is important to know if the protector we are using is really the right one in terms of SPF but also if the date is correct. Let’s now see how to know if the sunscreen is expired.

How to know if sunscreen is expired

Although many ignore it, like all cosmetic products, sun protection products also have an expiration date, which is what indicates the time limit we have to consume the entire product without risk. Once this threshold of use is exceeded , the sunscreen becomes totally ineffective, and even dangerous for the skin

But how do you know if the sunscreen has expired or is still good?
Sunscreens are essential in summer, because they help us to protect the skin from the attacks of the radiation emitted by the sun, but also to nourish it properly when it is subjected to very strong stress.

However, if instead of a milk or a sunscreen in good storage conditions you use an altered or even expired one, the protective and moisturizing effect may fail . The risk is not only that of being under the peak of the sun without a filter of UVA and UVB rays on the skin, but also that of spreading toxic and harmful substances on the skin, altered by time, temperature changes and prolonged contact with air.

Why are expired sunscreens dangerous?

If you have a sunscreen or sunscreen that you opened last year and you don’t know whether or not to use it, think about a couple of things before applying it to your skin.

Sunscreen products have a shelf life just like all other cosmetics and foods. Would you ever eat expired food? Would you apply an eyeshadow or foundation that you opened a year ago and used us again? Keep in mind that sunscreens are generally taken to the beach and are exposed to very high temperatures , in an environment that is anything but clean (between sand, seawater, smog, and who knows what else). Therefore, if you add the time factor to all this, it is evident that the product will not be in its best conditions for use.

The expiration date of sun creams

The first step to making sure the sunscreen you have at home or in last year’s beach bag is still OK is to check the label. The expiration date is indicated by law on the product label.

Look for the PAO symbol, represented by a stylized open can , and next to it should be a letter M with a number . The M stands for “months”, so if the sunscreen says 12 M, it means that the product, once opened, can be used for a year, and no more.

Altered color, odor, and texture? Throw the cream in the trash

Other characteristics to take into account are color, smell and texture : if you notice changes in these three fields compared to when you first opened the sunscreen, do not hesitate and immediately throw it away . You will save yourself the risk of ending up suffering from sunburn but also, you will prevent your skin from ending up with allergies, hives, redness, eruptions and much, much more.