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How to know who is spying on you on WhatsApp and how to avoid it

Do you suspect that someone else is using your WhatsApp? Are you afraid of being spied on or hacked into your WhatsApp account? Is it really possible? That’s how it is.

A quick Google search for “spyware” produces more than 650 million results, as there is great interest in cyber espionage devices and software. Regardless of the motivation or justification for doing so, remember that spying is illegal. It is a huge invasion of privacy in most countries of the world.

If we talk about WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in Spain, conversations, photos and social life of weeks, months and years are stored there. For many, the smartphone is the largest store of personal information, very sensitive data that we do not want to fall into other hands than ours, but how can we prevent them from spying on us and how to know if they already do?

Precisely because it is this large data warehouse , mobile phones are the main target of spying and data theft applications . Once installed on the mobile, the spy app uses our data connection to send remote records to the person who is secretly spying on us. These records can include: calls, text messages and emails, photos and videos, data from Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications or location tracking data.

Spy applications can invade any area of the smartphone. The amount of data available usually depends on the spy application. For example, some mobile spy apps may send data to a remote server for analysis, while others may include microphone activation to listen to phone calls directly or even real-time location tracking via GPS.

Also, it won’t be obvious at all. In most cases, the app will appear hidden, without a visible icon, it doesn’t matter if you have an iOS or Android operating system.

How to know if someone is spying on you on WhatsApp?

  1. If your WhatsApp is being spied on or used by someone you can know it according to several indicators:
  2. The battery drains quickly. If you see that without any discharge task in progress, the mobile battery drains quickly, then it shows that some applications are running in the background. This may be spyware. It is a clear sign.
  3. The phone generates noise or ringing for no reason. If your phone vibrates even without entering any notification to the device, it is another sign that your WhatsApp may be being spied on.
  4. If WhatsApp crashes frequently. WhatsApp running slower than ever? Another test.
  5. The phone gets unnecessarily hot. If you find that your device heats up abnormally fast and also heats up even when the screen is off, it may be that there is a third-party app running in the background.

How to avoid spyware apps on Android and iOS

  • Always keep the phone with you, never lose sight of it.
  • Use a strong password to lock the device. Don’t use simple locking options, like a basic PIN or a combination of patterns. Add a biometric lock when possible.
  • Be aware of your surroundings as you unlock and use your device.
  • Monitor the operation of your smartphone to detect strange behavior, such as randomly turning on, unexpected activity, increased network use, unexpected network connections, etc.
  • Control your bandwidth using a data monitoring application. Check the tool for weird apps that use data. It could be a spyware application.

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