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How to make the return to the routine not harm our relationship as a couple

A large part of the separations take place after the summer. The return to the routine causes many couples to break up. Why? What to do so that it does not harm our relationship as a couple ?

This usually happens because we go back to the old hard habits with demanding work hours and less time for ourselves.

What can we do to keep our partner afloat after the holidays?

Analyze emotions

From TherapyChat, they make it known that it is normal to feel nostalgic after having spent a few very happy days. Allow each one of you the necessary time, but keep in mind that sadness is part of the past and anxiety is part of the future, if we focus our thoughts on the present we can rebalance all those emotions.

Sharing time out of the routine

We need to find those moments or details, no matter how simple, that surprise and reaffirm why you chose each other.

Projects in common

Sharing is growing. And if it is together, the better. For this you have to have some projects together such as sharing a new hobby, adopting a pet, etc. The experts comment that with this we build something in common that will be motivating for the couple.

Communication skills

We must learn to improve the relationship without having to depend on the vacation period or a context other than routine.


For things to work, great assertiveness is important, regardless of the duration of the relationship, we will have more tools to face it in a healthy way.

María Mavji, sexologist and director of operations at TherapyChat, assures that “the return from the holidays is difficult for all of us, we can project this frustration on the couple or rely on it to be able to start the routine with more energy and it all depends on how let us be willing to take care of her and how we find ourselves at that moment of the relationship ”.

Why do more couples break up in the summer?

  • We return to the hard tasks
  • We share new moments
  • The routine returns
  • In summer we have grown apart and now we realize that we have nothing in common.
  • New friendships and loves in summer
  • Nothing in common, we realize that our projects are different
  • Family conflicts when spending more time in summer with the whole family.
  • We have more time to think and make decisions, we reflect and realize that it is better not to be together.
  • With all this our relationship as a couple is in danger


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