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How to prevent your mobile from being hacked

Most malicious attacks originate from one of three vectors : running Trojan horse-like programs, unpatched software, and responses to phishing emails . Improving the prevention of these three security breaches will make it less likely that we will have to rely on the accuracy of anti-malware software.

Having our mobile phone hacked is currently one of the worst things that can happen to you at a technological level (we have almost everything on our mobile), and almost everyone has experienced it in one way or another at some point. The data can be in thousands of hidden places that expert hackers could access. As methods are getting more creative and stealthy, it is important that we protect ourselves.

How to protect our mobile

Take precautionary measures: We must ensure that we take measures to protect the confidential data on our mobile device for the future. If you ever decide to sell your used phone, this part is especially important.

Use two-step verification. Two-Step Verification should be used for all important logins. This can include the bank, social media, or emails. Thus, even if someone obtains our password, they will not be able to log in. We will receive a notification about the login attempt and may deny your access. The next step is to change the password to avoid further hacking attempts.

Do not click crazy on the links . If we receive an email or text message with a strange link, please be careful. Be sure to check with the source to verify that the link is legitimate before clicking – you can accidentally download a spy app or give someone access to your phone without realizing it. Also, banks will never ask for your password or PIN, so watch out for those other people who claim to be the bank and ask for this sensitive information.

Do not use open Wi-Fi networks. If it is absolutely necessary, then do it but without accessing important websites and do not write your password anywhere. Suppose someone is watching what you are doing at all times – even if you don’t realize it. Finally, force your phone to forget the Wi-Fi network used when you leave the place.

It has an extra mobile battery . To avoid plugging it into charging stations in unfamiliar places, make sure you have an extra charge on hand to use. There are very inexpensive and lightweight options to store in your purse, car, or even pocket for many days away from a power outlet.

Never forget to leave a password set to access the phone. This may seem obvious, but there is a high percentage of people who prefer not to have to type a password or dial a pattern every time they open the mobile. One of the easiest ways to protect our data is to protect access to the phone, as well that we must always have a password activated.


Keep your mobile updated and refrain from jailbreaking your phone (remove system limitations). That will alter the security settings that protect you. And you will put yourself at risk.


Phone hacking is a real problem. It can negatively affect our privacy and our finances. It can also cause problems for the company we work for, which will probably end in a problem for you too, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Being aware of and adopting good security hygiene on your mobile is an effective countermeasure.

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