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How to recycle, reuse, donate or sell your old mobile

Time to clean up. It is very likely that on the highest shelf of the storage room you have a bag full of old phones that you no longer use. As time goes by, its value decreases more and more. In addition, for older models there are no longer any updates, so they become obsolete and unusable. But what can you do with those phones that you have collecting dust and no longer use? Here we tell you how to recycle, reuse, donate or sell your old mobile :

There are three good options for your old phone. You can donate it to one of the few charities that will put it in the hands of someone in need, or turn it into cash without having to bother taking it to a special recycling center yourself.

You can also sell the phone through one of those second-hand objects buying and selling websites, or through applications where you can try to get some money by putting up for sale everything that you no longer use and that has become out of date.

Or, the favorite option of the most tech-savvy. You can take it apart, mess it up, and find a new function for your old phone. Every iPhone or Android model is a mini computer, plus it has a camera and a control surface with a lot of potential if you know how to get it out of it. But let’s start with something a little simpler.

Donate your phone

It is highly recommended that before donating or exchanging your phone you always reset the factory settings . This removes all your personal data, installed apps, and of course any security measures that might prevent someone from passing your lock screen.

It only takes a few seconds. On an iPhone, you have to go to Settings> General> Reset. Select Erase all content and settings.

The exact place where you will find the reset options on Android varies slightly between models, but is usually found in Settings> System> Advanced> Reset or similar. Look for the type of reset labeled “factory reset” or “erase all data.”

We recommend not donating a phone to a charity that redistributes technology if the device is malfunctioning. Is the speaker broken? Won’t connect to Wi-Fi? If you donate it in that state, you’re just passing your problem on to someone else, although sometimes it pays to factory reset a phone to see if the problem was actually based on the device’s software.

Sell your phone privately

You can sell your phone quickly and privately, and chances are, you will get an amount of money that is not bad at all. But there are some drawbacks. For example, there is a risk that you will be scammed. To avoid this, always send your phone through a tracking service that confirms delivery.

However, this does not protect you completely. Paypal, for example, has a very good buyer protection system. But for those willing to take a chance, the private sale generates the most cash.

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