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How to see the conjunction of Venus and the Moon on September 9

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 9, and when it is night, we will be able to witness one of the most outstanding astronomical events of the month of September . With the moon in its new moon phase, its conjunction with Venus can be observed, so if you want to be able to see it and even photograph it, do not miss everything that we explain below. How to see the conjunction of venus and the moon on September 9.

How to see the conjunction of Venus and the Moon on September 9

It will be on the night of September 9 to 10 when the orbits of Venus and the Moon (the two brightest bodies in the sky after the sun) can be seen closer if we take into account our perspective from Earth, since the distance between the planet and the satellite is millions of kilometers.

A conjunction between the two bodies that we can witness from Earth, since Venus is the planet that shines the most and is seen the most from our planet. To be able to see the event, it will only be necessary to wait until 9:00 p.m. on Thursday morning and position yourself in an area where, being outdoors, the clouds do not bother us . If we are well positioned and at a good height, it will be possible to see and photograph the “meeting” of Venus and the Moon and also, without the use of glasses or a telescope and without having to go very far or to an area without light pollution such as It is usually recommended to see the Meteor Showers.

The event will be visible until approximately 10:00 p.m., although it is at 9:00 p.m. when its maximum splendor is expected with the moon at 367,000 kilometers from Earth, and Venus at 155 million kilometers. After that moment, we will begin to see how the moon will continue to move in its course of the moon phase of the new moon and little by little it will move away from Venus.

The second conjunction between Venus and the Moon in recent months

The show that we will be able to attend tomorrow, Thursday, will be the second conjunction between Venus and the Moon, if we take into account that on July 13 there was already a conjunction between the two and also Mars.

Specifically, the conjunction occurred between Venus and Mars, which for a moment seemed to be only a finger apart from our perspective, since in reality they are also separated by millions of kilometers while the crescent moon was placed on top of both to give more “shine” to the image.

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