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How to send WhatsApp messages in bold, italic or strikethrough

Have you ever been sent a WhatsApp message with a bold text and you don’t know how to do it? Not only in bold, you may also have seen WhatsApp messages in italics, strikethrough and monospaced (it is the font whose letters and characters occupy the same amount of horizontal space).

Well, these are just some of the essential text formatting options that WhatsApp provides to all users. You can put them on effortlessly and you don’t need specialized knowledge.

There are two different ways to make these changes to the readability of WhatsApp messages by formatting them. Let us begin.

Write in bold, italic, strikethrough and monospaced text in WhatsApp

The text format in WhatsApp is available on all mobile platforms, that is, if we prepare a text formatted in Android and send it to a friend with an iPhone , the format will remain intact. The message will appear in the same format on the WhatsApp web as well.

How to format text for Android and iPhone

– Open WhatsApp on your smartphone with Android or iPhone.
– Open the conversation where you want to write in bold, italic or other formatting options.
– Write the text you want to send.
– Touch and hold the text to select it. Adjust the selection as needed to choose all of the text you want to format, either completely or in part. Later:
– Android users: tap on the ellipsis that you will see appear and then select between bold, italic, monospaced and strikethrough.
– WhatsApp will instantly show a preview of the text that indicates how it will look when it is sent. Confirm that the formatting is applied correctly to all the text.
– Finally, touch the send button to forward the message to another person or group.

Note: text underlining is not available as an option in WhatsApp.

Alternative method to format text in WhatsApp

Alternatively, you can use some keyboard shortcuts to format all the text at once. For example, if you have a long paragraph that you want to reformat, it is quite easy to use this alternative method. These are the symbols that you can use to format the message on WhatsApp as bold, italic, and more.

Bold text: write an asterisk, that is, “*” in the front and at the end of the text that you want to be bold. For example, the following text will appear in bold if you paste it into the WhatsApp chat box: * Testing bold text *.

Italic text: put underscores, that is, “_” on each side of the text or sentence that you want to italicize. For example, the text below will be converted to italics if you paste it directly into WhatsApp: _ Testing bold text_.

Monospaced Text : Locks the text with three open accents, that is, “` “on both sides. For example, the following text will become monospaced when copied and pasted in a WhatsApp chat: “ `This is an example of monospaced text“`.

Cross out text: write a tilde, that is, “~” in the front and end of the text that you want to format so that it is crossed out in WhatsApp. This text example will be crossed out in WhatsApp if you copy and paste it directly: ~ This is an example of crossed out text ~.


Multiple format in the same text

It is also possible to use several different formats in the same text fragment in WhatsApp. That is, you can generate the following types of combined format by using multiple symbols together:

You can copy and paste the examples that we put here in your WhatsApp application to see them in action.

– Bold + italic: This message uses * _bold and italics together_ *.

– Italic + strikethrough: This message uses ~ _litics and strikethrough together_ ~.

– Bold + Strikethrough: This message uses * ~ bold and strikethrough together ~ *.

– Bold + italic + strikethrough: This message uses * _ ~ bold, italic, and strikethrough together ~ _ *.

Note that you cannot mix any other formatting with monospaced text. Monospaced text is unique. Any format you try to add to it will be ignored.


The interesting thing about these formatting changes is that when you write the word or phrase with these symbols at the beginning and end, WhatsApp will change the format before you click on the Send key, allowing you to see how it looks. So you can see what the result will be and make the pertinent changes in case you don’t like how the text is formatted.


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