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How to set up your iPad to replace laptop

After Apple has opted for both its traditional and updated iPad , as well as its revolutionary new iPad Pro , there is no doubt that the Cupertino company wants most of us to use them as if they were a laptop. So, if we had one of these two electronic devices, we would not have to also have a Macbook, either Air or Pro.

If you haven’t used an iPad in the last few years, you should know that there are some iOS features created exclusively for Apple’s digital tablet, and they need to be taken into account. When using an iPad as a laptop, there are two very important that we must know at all times: Split View and Slide Over . This is what Apple calls Multitasking .

Both functionalities are useful for displaying more than one application on the screen at the same time , but in different ways. For example, with Split View applications will be viewed with a docked window. While with Slide Over the different applications will be shown from a floating window.

In this way, it is perfectly possible to work with more than two apps at the same time , so we can read or respond to an email message while watching a video, and switch between apps using gestures, among many other functionalities .

The operation of Slide Over is really simple. You just have to open an app, slide a finger up from the bottom of the screen in order to open the Dock, and then hold down the second app we want to open, to finally drag it to the screen. It is even possible to use Slide Over in Split View . To do this, if we are working with two apps in Split View, and we want to open a third app with Slide Over, we just have to slide a finger from the bottom of the screen up to open the Dock. And then drag the app to the app divider.

The advantages are more than obvious. And is that when we have applications in Split View or Slide Over mode, we can drag files, text or images between them, which will help us positively when working with our iPad.

Some useful applications to work every day with our iPad

When writing is your thing, there is no doubt that one of the fundamental applications on any iPad is a good word processor, especially if you use an iPad Pro and have the keyboard that you can purchase as an additional accessory. Maybe you prefer Apple Pages (which is integrated into iOS for free), opt for Google Docs, or purchase an Office 365 plan or subscription to use Word.

For spreadsheets you can opt for Apple Numbers, Google Spreadsheets or the now classic Microsoft Excel, which have matured phenomenally well on iOS (and on any other mobile platform in general).

If you need to edit images, you can go for Adoble Lightroom CC, Pixelmator, VSCO, or Snapseed. Although it is true that you also have Apple’s default Photos application, or even Google Photos, it is very likely that you prefer a slightly more professional app.

And what to do with the Apple Pencil ? It is clearly one of the ideal accessories for digital art work and sketch design, even for taking notes in class, interviews or lectures. If so, you can also opt for some useful apps, like Autodesk SketchBook or Procreate. And if you prefer to convert your handwritten notes into files and text, you can opt for Notability.

Equipping our iPad with the necessary accessories

In addition to having the necessary applications, it is also essential to have some accessories, especially if what we want is to turn our iPad into a true substitute for any laptop. This means, for example, having a clip-on keyboard that gives us an adequate typing experience, and will save us having to press the touch screen with our fingers or with the help of a touch pen.

It is clear that one of the best options is the Smart Keyboard Folio developed by Apple itself, which connects quickly without the need for pairing or charging, and is reasonably comfortable when typing.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account that Apple does not manufacture its own keyboards for the standard (or basic) iPad, but there are options from other manufacturers, such as the Logitech Slim Combo, which includes backlit keys, option of angles of vision and certain durability, which also acts as a cover when we close it.

Once we have our keyboard, it is the turn of the first or second generation Apple Pencil , ideal for all those users who wish to write manually on the iPad, or for digital artists.

Can the iPad become an option to replace a laptop?

While it is true that it can be lighter and smaller, if the iPad perfectly fulfills all the functions that we could need from a laptop, it is evident that it will be useful. And to do some tests we just have to put a keyboard on a compatible iPad or iPad Pro, and it will certainly look a lot like a laptop replacement. In fact, we can write correctly on it, although it is true that the keyboard will be narrower and slightly less comfortable, due to its size.

It will also be useful when writing text, sending correct email with Mail and writing notes in Google Docs, although on many occasions we will feel the lack of the trackpad, especially when we select items from the menus or need to scroll through a document. The same goes for the absence of all those wonderful keyboard + trackpad (or mouse) combinations, which are so useful when editing text, browsing the web, or working with images.

However, if you only need it for text editing, the keyboard will be more than enough, since it will offer us the possibility to select text precisely with the help of shortcuts, and even press Enter to perform searches.

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