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Hurricane gusts at night – DWD issues severe weather warning for large parts of Bavaria

The storm depths “Zeynep” and “Ylenia” are over, now “Antonia” is coming to Bavaria. The gusts will probably not be as strong as before, but it can still be dangerous.

  • Weather* in Bavaria: Storm depression “Antonia” follows “Zeynep” and “Ylenia”.
  • Storm gusts*: Speed probably lower, but there are two dangers ( see first report ).
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Storm in Bavaria: Lessons canceled in Franconia

Update from February 20, 7:18 p.m .: Because of the expected storm in parts of Bavaria and already known restrictions on train traffic, some of the lessons in the Lower Franconian district of Miltenberg will be canceled on Monday. The background to this is that the West Franconia Railway will stop train services on the entire route network from Sunday evening to Monday morning, the Ministry of Education announced on Sunday. Since the lessons in the schools in the Miltenberg district are affected in very different ways by the failure of train operations, the school management informs the students and parents directly about the consequences via the usual information channels, it said. If in doubt, parents should contact the school directly.

The German Weather Service (DWD) warned of hurricane gusts of up to 120 kilometers per hour on Monday night. The severe weather warning applies to Central Franconia, Lower Bavaria, Upper Bavaria, Upper Palatinate and Swabia. In any case, large parts of Germany are affected by the risk of storms.

Update from February 20, 6:17 p.m .: Tonight it will be really uncomfortable in Munich and throughout southern Bavaria. The German Weather Service (DWD) has tightened its warning: “Monday morning, with the passage of a cold front, brief hurricane-like gusts, sometimes hurricane gusts between 110 km/h from the south-west and later from the west are possible. The warning goes into effect at 3 a.m. Monday, February 21 and will run until 9 a.m. This danger exists particularly in the vicinity of showers or individual thunderstorms.” The DWD recommends that developments be continuously monitored – it is not possible to make a precise prediction of severe hurricane gusts.

Der Deutsche Wetterdienst hat mehrere Warnungen herausgegeben.


The German Weather Service has issued several warnings.

Weather: Stormy situation in Munich – weather services warn

Update from February 20, 4 p.m.: The wind in Munich has been rough all day. But now the gusts are picking up again. The wind has been sweeping through the city since the afternoon at up to 70 km/h, and it’s only supposed to calm down – at least a little – in the evening. But a calmer situation is not to be expected, the whole night it is supposed to remain very windy in the city area, but the gusts then “only” reach strengths of about 50 km/h.

At the start of the week, the wind picked up again in intensity. Gusts of up to 70 km/h can be expected from Monday morning, according to the weather portal wetteronline. It also remained uncomfortable for the following days.

Weather warning for Bavaria: Storm depression “Antonia” is coming – new dangers are imminent

First report from February 20, 2022: Munich – After storm “Ylenia” came “Zeynep” and also swept across Bavaria. Schools remained closed*, trees fell and roofs were covered.* Is it getting quieter in Bavaria now? Probably not, but one after the other.

Weather in Bavaria: DWD warns of gusts of wind – Munich is also affected

It will be stormy on Sunday. The warning map of the German Weather Service (DWD) lights up orange for almost all of Bavaria. Means: There is an official warning* of gusts of wind. “Storm gusts with speeds between 55 km/h (15m/s, 30kn, Bft 7) and 70 km/h (20m/s, 38kn, Bft 8) are coming from the south-west.” Stronger gusts are to be expected at higher altitudes will.

The warnings are valid for different lengths of time. In Munich, the DWD warns on Sunday until 6 p.m., in the Miesbach district until 10 p.m. and in large parts of Middle Franconia until one o’clock at night.

Warnkarte DWD


The warning card lights up orange, gusts of wind are imminent.

Weather in Bavaria: Storm depression “Antonia” follows “Zeynep” and “Ylenia”

During the night of Monday, the cold front from storm “Antonia” reached Germany – “and you shouldn’t underestimate it,” warns the portal. “Antonia” will bring showers and thunderstorms, and strong winds are also expected. The speeds probably don’t reach the extent of “Ylenia” or “Zeynep”. Peak winds will reach around 100 km/h on the powerful cold front, The Weather Channel reports. “Nevertheless, this time we have a different danger. Because it’s raining continuously in the north and west.* And it can quickly turn into stormy weather.”

There is also another danger, according to The Weather Channel : Many trees have already been attacked due to the numerous storms recently. “It is to be expected that even with peak winds of around 100 km/h, trees can be knocked over.” (came)

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