NewsIce age with Marie Reim and friend Vinzenz? He's...

Ice age with Marie Reim and friend Vinzenz? He's not coming on the Schlager cruise

Created: 09/01/2022, 11:00 a.m

Is there trouble with Marie Reim and friend Vinzenz? After the pop singer showered her fans with couple content on Instagram, the two have not been seen for a long time. She now also goes on a Schlager cruise alone.

Cologne – In keeping with Valentine’s Day, Marie Reim (22) burst the love bomb in February: the pop singer is in love. Since then, she has flooded her Instagram account with turtle photos and couple selfies from vacation together. But it’s been over for a few weeks and now Marie Reim reveals that Vinzenz isn’t coming on a Schlager cruise. Is there a crisis? We asked the management.

After the relationship high now the low? Marie Reim is increasingly traveling alone

Since the big love revelation on Valentine’s Day, Marie Reim has been providing her almost 51,000 Instagram fans with sweet couple selfies: at first he was not yet recognizable and his identity was secret. But gradually more and more information leaked out and finally the daughter of Michelle, one of the biggest German hit stars of all time, even revealed his name and how they met. Marie Reim is in love and everyone should know that.

Marie Reim und Freund Vinzenz am Strand. Marie Reim präsentiert ihre neue Frisur ihren Instagram-Fans (Fotomontage)
After Marie Reim showered her fans with couple content on Instagram, the two have not been seen for a long time. (Photomontage) © Instagram/Marie Reim

But now Marie Reim surprises with the news that Vinzenz is not coming to the Schlager cruise, a five-day boat trip peppered with performances by Germany’s most popular hit stars. Is the honeymoon phase of the two over or is there even a dispute between the pop singer and her boyfriend?

Schlager cruise 2022: These stars are also there

From Kiel via Stockholm and Bornholm: The Schlager cruise is something very special for all fans. From September 9th to 14th, along with Marie Reim, these hit stars will also be on board: Bernhard Brink, Claudia Jung, Dorfrocker, GG Anderson, Karina Klüber, Laura Wilde, Misha Kovar, Peter Wackel, Roberto Blanco, Ross Antony and voXXclub.

Ice age with Marie Reim and friend Vinzenz? He’s not coming on the Schlager cruise

In a small question and answer session on Instagram, Marie Reim answers the burning questions of her fans. A user wanted to know if her friend was coming on the Schlager cruise. The pop singer replies with a short “Nööö”. Is there trouble in paradise or is Marie Reim just not the type who really has to do everything with her boyfriend?

Marie Reim stellt sich in der Q&A-Runde den Fragen ihrer Fans uns verrät, dass ihr Freund nicht mit auf die Schlagerkreuzfahrt kommt.
Marie Reim answers questions from her fans in the Q&A round and reveals that her boyfriend is not going on the hit cruise. © Instagram/Marie Reim

It is striking that Marie Reim has not posted a single selfie with Vinzenz in the last few weeks, after there was couple content almost every day shortly after the love was revealed. In addition, their external change cannot be overlooked. wanted to know exactly and asked the management of the pop singer. To date, however, the request has remained unanswered.

Her new hairstyle is also a source of plenty for her fans to talk about. While some think their long mane is great, others are rather disappointed. The comments on Marie Reim’s new hairstyle range from “wow” to “unnatural”. Sources used: Instagram/mariereim_official, tz request from Marie Reims Management

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