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"I'm in tears": Danni Büchner is sad when her mother's qualities are questioned

Created:07/17/2022 11:37 am

Danni Büchner mit ihren Töchtern Jada und Joelina bei Instagram
Danni Büchner despairs when her qualities as a mother are questioned © Instagram: dannibuechner

Danni Büchner knows about hate online. In fact, she doesn’t let the criticism get to her. But when it comes to her mother qualities, the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant shows her sensitive side.

Mallorca – Danni Büchner (44) is Shitstorms from the net more than usual. Hardly a comment or post from the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant is not totally panned. In her podcast “Living la Vida Locker”, the mother of five now talks to her eldest daughter Joelina (the Büchners: All information about the “Goodbye Germany” family around Danni Büchner and daughter Joelina Karabas) about the constant hatred that the family has online is exposed and is unusually emotional.

Danni Büchner and Joelina Karabas suffer from online hatred

In the episode “How Hate Feels on the Net” Danni and her eldest daughter reveal how much they suffer from the constant hate. Just like her mother, Joelina is also becoming more and more in the public eye and has already received one or the other shit storm – just like with her “Shopping Queen” participation in 2021. The young influencer was named Shopping Queen of Mallorca by Guido Maria Kretschmer, but it was A massive wave of hate broke out online over the 21-year-old.

Danni Büchner can handle criticism of TV appearances or , latest bikini pictures on Instagram. But what really bothers her is when her qualities as a mother are questioned.

Danni Büchner despairs when she is portrayed as a bad mother

“It gets me down – quite often,” says the 44-year-old. That’s one of the points, says Danni Büchner, “I almost cry when the haters attack me as a mother.” After all, it’s a mother’s job to make her children strong and courageous – and her five kids are exact the.

She is currently going through life as a single, but Danni Büchner does not give up the search for great love and is convinced: “There must be someone out there for me!” Sources used: Podimo: Living la Vida Locker

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