News"I'm still shaking": Mother is stunned after a flight...

"I'm still shaking": Mother is stunned after a flight attendant loses her nerve

Because her daughter did not want to wear a mask, a flight attendant lost her nerve. The stunned mother now reacts to the incident on Instagram.

Orlando – Mother Ali Cleek was planning a flight from Orlando to Norfolk on August 12, 2021. Her husband and the children of her American parents were at her side. It is not uncommon for a trip with the whole family to end in chaotic situations. But for Ali Cleek and her family, the trip ended in drama. * reveals why the flight was a burden for the mother and her two-year-old daughter.

After the incident on the plane, the mother takes a breather on Instagram: “I really don't have the words. I'm still shaking ”, the desperate Ali Cleek concluded. A flight attendant had little compassion or decency. But what happened that made the mother so desperate. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

RKI registered 6573 new infections – the incidence was 110.1

While the seven-day incidence was 74.4 a week ago, it has now reached 110. The health authorities reported 6573 new infections to the Robert Koch Institute.

BGH negotiates millions in compensation for Kohl widow

For years there has been a dispute over a book about Helmut Kohl by his ex-memoir writer. The Federal Court of Justice now wants to clarify crucial questions about compensation and prohibited passages.

"Emma": Pope is "Sexist Man Alive"

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Jordan sneakers auctioned for nearly $ 1.5 million

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Drama about dying with dignity – "Take me home"

What to do if a family member is seriously ill and has not completed an advance directive? The ZDF drama “Bring me home” deals with a very sensitive topic.