NewsIn the middle of the Ukraine war: Russia is...

In the middle of the Ukraine war: Russia is planning military maneuvers

Created: 7/27/2022 4:34 p.m

Russia’s military plans are puzzling: in the middle of the Ukraine war, army maneuvers are being planned.

Moscow – In the middle of the Ukraine war, Russia has announced several military maneuvers. According to the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, numerous armed forces in the east of the country will be concentrated in August. The exercises are titled “Vostok” and appear to be designed to demonstrate Russia’s defensive power. President Vladimir Putin did not comment personally on the planned military maneuvers.

According to a report by the news channel Al Jazeera , the military maneuvers are to take place between August 30 and September 5. In a statement, the Russian Defense Ministry said they will not interfere with the “special military operation” in Ukraine. “We draw your attention to the fact that only part of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is involved in the special military operation [in Ukraine], the number of which is quite sufficient to perform all the tasks set by the Commander-in-Chief,” it says.

News on the Ukraine war: Russian soldiers “completely sufficient”

In view of the heavy losses in the Russian army, reports have recently increased that Vladimir Putin is starting a covert mobilization. In early June, the Duma lowered the upper age limit for the military. In this context, the Ministry of Defense stated that the troop strength in Ukraine was “entirely sufficient” “to fulfill the tasks”. The ministry left it open how many soldiers are actually fighting in the Ukraine war. The Ukrainian General Staff assumes that at least 40,000 troops have already fallen on the Russian side.

9. Mai in Russland
Russian soldiers on May 9, the “Day of Victory” over Nazi Germany, at a military parade in Moscow. © Sergei Bobylev / Imago Images

As mentioned above, the army’s maneuvers take place in the eastern military district. This is a region that is located in Siberia, among other places. The headquarters of the Russian military on the ground is in Khabarovsk, near the border with China. The exercises are to take place primarily at 13 shooting ranges.

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The Ministry of Defense casually mentioned that not only Russian soldiers will take part in the military maneuvers. Armed forces of other countries should also be on site, which ones are remained open.

Over the past year, troops from Armenia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia have taken part in major exercises in Russia and Belarus. (do)

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