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"Ina's Night": Ina Müller welcomes Torsten Sträter and Elena Uhlig

Created: 08/13/2022 04:51 am

Gastgeberin Ina Müller (Mitte) begrüßt zur 170. Folge von „Inas Nacht“ Torsten Sträter und Elena Uhlig.
Hostess Ina Müller (centre) welcomes Torsten Sträter and Elena Uhlig to the 170th episode of “Ina’s Night”. © NDR/Morris Mac Matzen

Ina Müller welcomes two guests to the Hamburg harbor pub “Zum Schellfischposten” in her talk and drinking show “Inas Nacht”.

Frankfurt – Here we go again! At “Ina’s Night” cabaret artist and “oversized style icon” Torsten Sträter swings in elegantly and is immediately sniffed by Ina Müller’s neck: you can smell yourself. He’s been her guest for the third time now and he’s been drinking alcohol from time to time, so he’s learned something new: In this show, “you have to want to drink on principle”.

During the Corona period, he gained experience with drive-in cinemas and spoke into emptiness in the Ikea parking lot just as he does now with “Ina’s Night”, because toasting is often more important here than listening. “This is the last truly journalistic show,” jokes Torsten Sträter about the masquerade. He had a Batman car built for himself – as a cabaret artist you obviously earn well – he loves the superhero: he goes out in costume on Halloween. If he can’t move to Hamburg with all his supplies, Ina Müller asks wistfully. Going around drunk with Batman: Lifetime Goals.

Ina Müller welcomes the cabaret artist Torsten Sträter to “Inas Nacht” on ARD

But slowly it’s really time for music. Frank Sinatra likes listening to her guest, including classical music. “In a Batman costume?” “You have to get off it,” jokes Torsten Sträter. (Not only about that.) He also likes Gregory Porter: He was also a guest on “Ina’s Night” in 2016 and she remembers it, but she also loves Lola Young, who she is now announcing. Ina Müller also loves the musician “for the little thing that’s in her nose”, but she comes back to ideals of beauty later.

They are now joined by actress Elena Uhlig, who doesn’t usually drink alcohol, but “she’s so nervous she wants to drink.” The two hug and dance around just like “back in the ’90s.” Has she already greeted Torsten – so sniffed? Ina’s perfume was specially imported from India: “Like Christmas, only sexy,” the cabaret artist mutates more and more into a pleasant sidekick as the show progresses.

Guest in the 170th episode of “Ina’s Night” (ARD) at Ina Müller

Torsten Sträter cabaret artist
Elena Uhlig actress
Lola Young music act
Teddy Swims music act

“Inas Nacht” (ARD): Actress Elena Uhlig was also a “thin shot”

A teen splatter movie was Elena Uhlig’s first (cinema) film and Torsten Sträter runs a film podcast with two friends, so he may know it: “Swimming pool, that was totally shitty.” “The Germans generally have one unfortunate story as far as horror films go.” Maybe you’d rather switch to romance films? Ina Müller imagines watching one with Torsten (as Batman?) as brilliant, before she returns from the (sex) clichés there to the ideal of beauty for women: after all, the self-confessed dyslexic Elena Uhlig was also “a thin shot ‘ and weighed thirty kilograms less. But in 24 years the Rubens model should be modern again (Ina read it), but “then we’ll be dead”, she thinks that’s “so shitty”.

The presenter doesn’t have to worry about being too heavy, Elena finds with a side glance and then demonstratively grabs her rolls of bacon: She would also undress for Playboy, “I would show how cool I am,” but only , if not retouched. Fittingly, Teddy Swims now comes with a wonderfully performed (You Look) “Amazing” and embodies it in a phenomenally authentic way. “Never change a running system” in the pub flair that is slowly getting old and scrapes past the zeitgeist, but with such music brings in a fine fresh breeze.

“Inas Nacht” (ARD): shame on others, amusement and always Hamburg charm

“Actually, I don’t feel like it at all,” but Ina Müller does it, “because we always do it that way.” In a subordinate clause, the presenter loosely throws the problem of the repetitive program into the room like everything else. “You get older, you get lazier.” With a bit outdated sex appeal, “Inas Nacht” still wants to be provocative and politically incorrect: the singer still skilfully uses a certain level.

“Ina’s Night” with Torsten Sträter and Elena Uhlig

August 11, 2022, ARD, can be seen in the media library (video available until August 11, 2023)

Between this authenticity branded with alcohol, there is sometimes foreign shame, sometimes amusement and always Hamburg charm within the standardized location, with grandiose (short) performances that still (waveringly) carry this show through the night. (Tina Waldeck)

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