EconomyInauguration of Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022

Inauguration of Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022

The third day of the work of Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022 was inaugurated , the most important business event of Grupo Expansión and which takes place in person at the Citibanamex Center in Mexico City, after two days of out virtually.

Grupo Expansión’s CEO of Contents, Blanca Juana Gómez Morera, highlighted the importance of this event in which leaders, businessmen, politicians, activists and athletes offer their point of view, diagnoses, and visualize challenges to consider from their trenches, with the axis sustainable reinvention.

“Eight years ago at Grupo Expansión we took on the task of organizing the best business forum in Mexico. We did it because we firmly believe in diversity and the creative capacity of human beings. We do it today because we favor the free exchange of ideas, visions, opinions and experiences, because we are convinced that with a space like this, we contribute to the construction of a better country”, he highlighted when inaugurating the panels from the Citibanamex center in Mexico City.

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