NewsInsider reveals: King Charles' poor health - "William should...

Insider reveals: King Charles' poor health – "William should be ready"

Created: 10/20/2022 8:54 p.m

Charles III has only been in office for a short time, but apparently the king is not doing particularly well, either physically or mentally. Grows Charles III. all over the head? A court employee draws a frightening picture.

London – Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022), King Charles III. (73) took over the scepter. He had plenty of time to prepare for his reign as crown prince. But now worrying reports are coming from the palace: according to , a court employee, referring to a text in the IN print edition , has made statements about Charles’ state of health that are seriously questionable.

“The doctors told William to be ready,” the palace said

According to the magazine, the 73-year-old is already reaching his limits, he would have maintained his composure during the long period of mourning and his mother’s funeral, but “he collapsed behind the palace doors,” says the insider. And that’s not all, sadly: “I was told he had an emotional breakdown and had told his wife, Camilla, that his new life was too much for him . He was tired and panicked about what lay ahead as king.”

Charles III. Gesundheitszustand ist offenbar äußert bedenklich. It er fit genug für die Anforderungen seiner Regierungszeit? (Fotomontage).
Charles III State of health appears to be extremely precarious. Is he fit enough for the demands of his reign? (photomontage). © Andrew Milligan/dpa

In addition, there are the already diagnosed signs, which, as “Radar Online” reported, indicate edema and/or arthritis. The king’s red, swollen hands are an indication of water retention, according to a British doctor. “His red, swollen fingers may indicate edema, which may in fact be indicative of heart failure,” warn doctors.

“King Charles’ reign will be one of the shortest in 200 years”.

“Doctors have told William to stand by,” the source continues. King Charles’ reign will be one of the shortest in the last 200 years, the insider paints the future in bleak colors. That’s why chaos has already broken out behind the palace walls . Charles’ eldest son Prince William (40) has already been informed that he must assume the role of monarch at any time.

A bitter record for the term of less than two months. Here, the King Charles III worked. frequently tense indeed, getting disproportionately upset over a misplaced inkwell and a spilling fountain pen, and yet to have his crowning glory. One can only hope that the king will find his way back to inner peace and physical integrity by May 6th and for the coming recovery period. Sources used:, Radar Online

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