NewsInteractive map of the Lower Saxony elections: all constituencies,...

Interactive map of the Lower Saxony elections: all constituencies, all cities

Created: 10/11/2022 11:57 am

Lower Saxony has voted: Our interactive election map shows all the results from the constituencies, cities and municipalities.

Analysis of the state election

Read our data journalistic preparation in graphics and data.

In which political direction is Lower Saxony headed? On Sunday, almost eight million residents were called to vote for the next state parliament in the 2022 Lower Saxony election. Use our unique interactive map of all constituencies and cities to find out about all election results. We take into account a large number of individual data sources across the large number of communities so that you can get an idea of the election in one place.

Lower Saxony election 2022: Interactive map of all constituencies and cities

The federal state of Lower Saxony is generally not the city of metropolises: the state capital Hanover is number 1 with half a million inhabitants. This is followed by considerably smaller cities such as Braunschweig, Oldenburg and Osnabrück. Most of Lower Saxony live in one of the almost 1000 municipalities.

So our map is very detailed – with results from Cuxhaven in the north to Staufenberg in the south, from Wielen in the west to Schnackenburg in the east. In doing so, we not only take into account the results of the superordinate joint communities, but also those of the individual member communities.

What results do we present?

All results in the map come from official sources. The data flowed into the map as soon as a result was fully counted and transmitted on site. We from the IPPEN.MEDIA data journalism team took into account a large number of data sources, ranging from the Lower Saxony state office to election portals. We also researched individual results for you on site if they were not available digitally. See our background box at the end of the article for more specific information.

Lower Saxony election 2022: All news in the ticker

Which coalition is it enough for? How do the top candidates express themselves? What effects does the result of the Lower Saxony state election have on federal politics? We followed this election in detail throughout Sunday in a live ticker. Our reporters on site in Lower Saxony also contributed to this. Our goal: You are always well informed on the election evening with us about the results, votes and assessments of the state election.

Transparency: Our data, sources and methods

Each of the thousands of results in our interactive maps comes from official sources. For the constituencies, we rely on a data interface from the Lower Saxony State Office for Statistics. We regularly query these automatically, standardize the results and transfer them to our maps.

We take a variety of sources into account for the municipalities: These include individual joint municipalities and municipalities as well as Votemanager, IVU.Elect and, if necessary, on-site research. Not every municipality has its own postal voting district. In this case, the result is shown without postal votes, since the votes cannot be reliably assigned.

The geodata of the cities and municipalities are a prepared excerpt from the geodata of the State Office for Geoinformation and State Surveying Lower Saxony, 2022. The constituency map is © State Office for Statistics Lower Saxony, Hanover 2022. Constituency map for the election to the 19th Lower Saxony state parliament. Source: Excerpt from the geodata of the State Office for Geoinformation and State Surveying Lower Saxony, © 2022. © Stadt Braunschweig – Open GeoData, , License: dl-de/by-2-0. © Polling Districts – City of Göttingen – The Lord Mayor. © State Capital Hanover, Department of Planning and Urban Development, Geoinformation Department. © Stadt Oldenburg – Bürgeramt (electoral office). © City of Osnabrueck. © City of Salzgitter – Eigenbetrieb SZGE Salzgitter property development, 2022. © Constituencies and constituencies of the state election 2022, City of Wolfsburg – 01-2 elections, 2022. Map framework, basemap and streets © Mapbox.

The Election Day editorial and technical team: Luisa Billmayer, Andreas Fischer, Miriam Haberhauer, Danijel Komljenovic, Marvin Köhnken, Valentina Meiners, Michael Peter, Philipp David Pries, Franziska Reinhold, Marie Ries and Nils Tillmann. If you have any comments or questions, we would be happy to receive an email to [email protected] at any time.

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