FunInternational Podiatry Day 2021: why we should take care...

International Podiatry Day 2021: why we should take care of our feet

This October 8, International Podiatry Day 2021 is celebrated, an event to remember that the feet are the basis for the rest of the body to function better. Let’s see why this day is celebrated and also the importance of taking care of our feet. Since normally we are not aware of all this.

The International Federation of Podiatrists thus brings together professional podiatry associations from across Europe and the world to advance podiatry globally.

What does a podiatrist do?

Podiatry focuses, according to Andalusian podiatrists, on the health sciences related to the research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deformities, pathologies and injuries of the foot and structures associated with appropriate systems and technologies that use specialized scientific and professional knowledge.

Although you may not know it, it is important to know that the foot is a highly complex structure that can develop problems that affect the health and general well-being of the patient. Hence, the importance of taking care of it is basic, especially when there are signs that may reveal a problem.

Causes of foot pathologies

Cinfa Salud names that there are several, such as:

  • Age, which weakens the joints and the body’s natural protections (such as the foot pad).
  • The genetic inheritance.
  • Long stays on your feet, which increase the wear and tear of this area.
  • Continued use of inappropriate footwear.
  • Some diseases.

How can we take care of our feet?

From a very young age, feet are extremities that must be cared for. For this reason it is important that, in the event of any pain, we go to the podiatrist for a customized treatment.


Cinfa recommends applying a moisturizing cream after washing, especially on the heels, the area of the foot that dries the most and where cracks may appear. Use a suitable product according to the condition of your skin.

What socks to wear

Garments made with materials such as cotton are recommended, instead of those that contain synthetic fibers and prevent proper perspiration.

Relaxing baths

Foot care also involves pampering them. From massages to relaxing baths so that you do not suffer after spending the day sitting or standing.

Leaving your foot with water and essential oils in the bathtub is one of the best ways to relax. This reduces the accumulated tension and allows a correct circulation of the legs in general.

Footwear, always comfortable

On International Podiatry Day 2021, they advise wearing flexible, breathable footwear, of a suitable width for your feet and comfortable. Those that have a padded sole or, failing that, use a synthetic foot pad.