NewsInternet, trains, mobile phones: what will change in December

Internet, trains, mobile phones: what will change in December

The mobile phone contract is no longer automatically extended by the same term, the train changes the timetable – and what about the New Year’s Eve fireworks?

Berlin – An overview of the new regulations in December:

Internet speed

If the Internet is not as fast as the provider promised, the customer will have the right to pay less in the future. If, for example, it can be proven that only 50 instead of the promised 100 Mbit / s are provided, there is a right to a reduction of 50 percent. Alternatively, customers can terminate the contract without notice. In the event of a complete Internet failure, the consumer can also get compensation if the fault is not resolved within two working days.

Timetable change

At Deutsche Bahn, the winter timetable will apply from December 12th. The most important innovations include additional ICE Sprinter trains that connect large cities more quickly, for example three times a day between Cologne and Berlin without stopping. There are also new connections abroad, including night trains.

Online privacy

On December 1st, a law will come into force that will simplify the handling of data requests on the Internet and safeguard the digital legacy. The key point is the idea that in future users will be able to decide on their device at a central point about access to their information.

Contract terms

Telecommunications contracts may no longer be automatically extended by the same term after a two-year contract period. Instead, it must be possible to cancel them on a monthly basis after they have been renewed. In addition, the providers are now obliged to offer a contract with an initial term of a maximum of one year before signing a contract.

Garnishment protection

From December 1st, indebted consumers will have more opportunities to save money on a garnishment protection account. The deadline for the transfer of unused, seizure-free credits is extended from one month to three months. This should enable those affected to save higher sums.

Competition register

Firms that have committed economic crimes can be more easily excluded from public contracts from December 1st. Then the next level of the competition register takes effect. In future, certain authorities will be obliged to report violations to the Federal Cartel Office. In addition, clients can research in the database from December.

Turn of the year

The residents of the island state of Samoa between New Zealand and Hawaii will again be the first to celebrate the start of the new year 2022 on December 31st at 11 a.m. Central European Time. 13 hours later the time has come in Germany – after all, that much is certain. Actually, the corks should pop again at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, at Germany’s largest New Year’s Eve party. A two-day stage program is planned under the motto “Celebrate at the Gate”. But will the pandemic allow it? Last New Year’s Eve, ZDF had to broadcast a show without an audience.


Will street fireworks be possible for everyone again? In 2020, the purchase of fireworks was banned across Germany due to Corona, and some cities also set up prohibited zones. This year it should definitely be the same, demand environmentalists, animal rights activists, the police union (GdP) and some doctors. dpa

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