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Is Davina Geiss pregnant? "The Geissens" fan discovers a "baby tummy"

Created: 10/11/2022, 6:49 p.m

It can be doubted whether Davina Geiss is pregnant, but it cannot be ruled out either. A new photo of the 19-year-old reality TV fame of “The Geissens” causes discussions.

Monaco – The two daughters of Robert and Carmen Geiss have long been independent of their famous parents. In the RTL2 series “Die Geissens” viewers could watch the two girls grow up. Shania (18) and Davina Geiss (19) have built up a huge fan base on Instagram, even if they are not particularly active there.

Is Davina Geiss pregnant? Fan wants to have discovered a “baby tummy”.

Most recently, the Geissens daughters wowed their followers (Davina Geiss alone has over 384,000 Instagram followers) in a dirndl look at the Oktoberfest. A current photo of Davina Geiss is now causing a small discussion under the post.

Auf einem neuen Foto von Davina Geiss (19) will ein Fan ein „Babybäuchlein“ entdeckt haben.
In a new photo of Davina Geiss (19), a fan claims to have discovered a “baby tummy”. © Instagram Davina Geiss

There are currently no new episodes of “Die Geissens” on RTL2. The season ended in May 2022 with episode 341 “Watt fott, es fott”. A black and gray patterned dress by Davina Geiss is the talk of the fans of “Die Geissens.”

“That’s what I thought first too”: Is Davina Geiss really pregnant?

Davina showed herself in front of the mirror on Sunday. Fan “Jenni_vw” commented: “Does it just look like it, or does she have a baby bump”. A discussion immediately broke out as to whether Davina Geiss is really pregnant. Instagram user “Poldine” comments: “That’s what I thought first.”

“Jenni_vw” then writes again: “Nothing surprises me anymore with the celebrity children.” After all, user Ariane seems to be in her right mind and resolves the small pregnancy debate with the words: “That’s the pattern, she’s not pregnant.”

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Davina Geiss apparently leaves the rumors cold. She didn’t even respond to the comment. As is well known, the Geissens didn’t fall on their mouths. That’s why Robert Geiss used the season finale of her podcast again to annoy daughter Shania: Besides looking good, can you do anything else?” But Shania Geiss reacted confidently. Sources used : Instagram: Davina Geiss,

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