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Is it a bike? Is it a motorcycle? It's Super 73

To move around the city, you go from the car, also from the bus, the subway or the train, but you are undecided between getting a motorcycle or an electric bicycle. The fusion of both modes of transport is found in the Super 73, by Californian Lithium Cycles, an electric bicycle inspired by the look of mopeds and mini-bikes of the 70s .

It can reach a maximum speed of 48 kilometers per hour thanks to its 1,000 watt electric motor and an LCD screen will allow you to control key information such as speed and distance traveled.

The battery, located under the seat, is removable, so we can take it with us, once we have parked the vehicle, to charge it quietly at home or at work. In addition, it will allow us to travel up to 32 kilometers without recharging ; And when you have to, it will take you a maximum of 3 and a half hours to fully charge it.

The Super 73, available in more than twenty colors, is perhaps a bit heavy (29.5 kilograms), but being electric that will not represent any problem. As for its wheels, they are larger than usual in this type of transport: 4.25 inches wide and 20 high.

The vehicle incorporates accessories such as a cup holder, a bottle opener and even a USB port to charge the phone while you move from one place to another in the city.

If it has caught your attention and you want to get one, you can do it on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, for $ 1,799 ( about 1,584 euros ), a price that will increase to $ 2,999 (about 2,641 euros) if Lithiuym Cycles is successful and starts put the vehicle on the market once this initial campaign of the project has finished.

In addition, the Super 73 is not an exclusive vehicle for the city, but it moves with equal ease on all types of terrain , as you can see in the following video:

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