NewsIs Meghan Markle running out of "stars"? New podcast...

Is Meghan Markle running out of "stars"? New podcast revolves around “stigma as a single woman”

Created: 09/08/2022 11:47 am

The third episode of Meghan Markle’s podcast series is now out. The latest talk in the “Archetypus” series is about single women with US actress Mindy Kaling. Only a few “stars” wanted to be part of the Spotify series, because Meghan talks more about herself than about her guests, you hear.

Montecito – While Meghan Markle (41) and Prince Harry (37) were sailing on the Rhine on a promotional tour in Düsseldorf, the third “Archetypus” episode appeared on Spotify at the same time, in which Meghan and US actress Mindy Kaling (43) Discuss the status of single women in society. If you believe the British media, the stars are not really keen to be part of the Duchess of Sussex’s Spotify podcast, Meghan would talk more about herself than about her guests, the reason given.

Despite a lot of attention for the podcast, no “queuing for famous faces”

In a conversation with “Palace Confidential” on Mailplus, Royal expert Richard Eden (63) said: “We haven’t heard much about Serena, it was all about Meghan” . He was referring to Meghan’s first guest on her Spotify podcast “Archetypus”, tennis legend Serena Williams (40). Even after the second episode with superstar Mariah Carey (53), the headlines revolved around the Duchess of Sussex, not the exceptional singer. Given this development, he doubted that “famous people will be lining up” to appear at Meghan’s, he continued .

As for Serena Williams, most of the coverage revolved around Meghan’s experience of a fire breaking out in Archie’s (3) room while she was away from home. Meghan spoke of her desperation when she found out about the near-accident and her subsequent crisis of meaning. In the second podcast, only one statement was remembered and it did not come from the US singer. Meghan’s bizarre thesis that she had only perceived herself as a “black woman” since her marriage to Prince Harry determined the media the next day.

Meghan’s archetype list of stars:

Episode 1: Serena Williams, former US tennis player and longtime friend of Prince Harry and the Windsors

2nd episode: Mariah Carey (53), US singer

Episode 3: Mindy Kaling (43), US actress

Announced: US actress Constance Wu (40) and US journalist Lisa Ling (49)

Is Meghan Markle’s self-expression instinct going through?

Während Meghan und Harry in Düsseldorf sind, geht zeitgleich Meghans Podcast mit US-Schauspielerin Mindy Kaling an den Start (Fotomontage).
While Meghan and Harry are in Düsseldorf, Meghan’s podcast with US actress Mindy Kaling starts at the same time (photomontage). © Stephen Lock/Imago

Eden called the podcast a “missed opportunity for Serena.” Because, of course, the goal of an interview is, by definition, the art of building a positive conversational situation so that the greatest possible information content can be gained from the interview. Needless to say, it is about information from the interviewee, not the interviewer.

So far, the announced topics such as the stigmatization of single women have rarely been the focus, but always the gossip around moderator Meghan Markle. Twitter user carlea007 summed it up in a comment on Mindy’s announcement tweet: “So glad you got the chance to speak. Not many do. Unfortunately, most of you will end up on the editorial board because #Megzilla needs to be the only voice heard. Good luck for your future. I’m sure you’re a nice lady.” Sources used:,,

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