NewsIs Princess Charlène returning to Monaco? Prince Albert gives...

Is Princess Charlène returning to Monaco? Prince Albert gives details

Princess Charlène von Monaco has been in South Africa since March because of a serious infection. But when does she come back? Prince Albert is confident.

Kassel / Monaco – Charlène von Monaco has been in South Africa for health reasons for several months. At first there was no thought of the princess returning home. Now her husband Prince Albert has commented on the situation and a return of his wife.

In spring 2021, the 43-year-old traveled to South Africa to campaign against the poaching of endangered animals. A severe ENT infection was finally diagnosed on site, which is why the Princess of Monaco had to undergo a complicated operation with general anesthesia *.

Princess Charlène of Monaco: Prince Albert speaks about her return

Since then she has received medical care in her home country. As the palace announced, the doctors strongly advised her not to return home. Princess Charlène has been separated from her family for more than six months. Prince Albert and their two children Jacques and Gabriella visited her as often as possible. Many fans worry about the health of the former professional swimmer, but a few days ago the Princess of Monaco contacted us personally and gave a positive update *. Charlène von Monaco also shared a moving message on Instagram *, demonstrating a lot of strength.

When and whether she will travel back to the principality is not yet known. An aunt of Prince Albert only recently claimed that the Princess would not return to Monaco, fueling rumors of separation. Prince Albert vehemently denies this statement and is optimistic. According to him, the difficult times should be over soon. “She is still in South Africa, but will be back very soon,” he said in a TV interview. reports about it. She continues to have regular checkups, but is already doing significantly better.

In the video: Princess Charlène of Monaco suffers from separation from family

Furthermore, new plans by Princess Charlène of Monaco * became known during her stay in South Africa. They want to settle a royal inheritance dispute as soon as their health allows. (as) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Charlene of Monaco is said to have recovered in the luxury clinic "Les Alpes".

Luxurious facilities, competent staff, idyllic location: The "Les Alpes" clinic, where Charlène von Monaco is said to have been treated, has a lot to offer.

Charlene of Monaco: How does she react to Albert's ex's private congratulations?

As soon as Charlène is back in Monaco, a new drama is ready. Albert's ex-lover Nicole Coste congratulated him on his birthday with very personal words. Maybe too personal?

Charlene of Monaco: Royal expert demands honesty from the palace

After a month-long stay in the clinic, Princess Charlène of Monaco was able to return to her family, but many question marks remain.

Charlene of Monaco: Her treatment is said to cost a fortune

It was to be expected that the accommodation in the exclusive clinic where Charlène has been staying for months is not exactly cheap. But no one would have expected these enormous costs.

Princess Charlène does not want to go back to Monaco, according to Royals insiders...

Charlene of Monaco is still being treated at a clinic outside of Monaco. According to Albert, she should return soon, but a royal insider wants to know: she wants to move.