NewsIsrael bombs Gaza and assures that "hundreds" of Hamas...

Israel bombs Gaza and assures that "hundreds" of Hamas terrorists would have been killed in the attack

Sources from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have reported that there could be “hundreds” of Hamas members killed in last night’s bombardment of the Palestinian group’s facilities in the Gaza Strip and that about 500 have been used. tons of bombs in the operation. Specifically, the source has explained that 160 F-16 and F-35 fighter planes have been used to bombard the “Metro” last night, a name used to refer to the tunnel system used by Hamas in Gaza. “There could potentially be hundreds” of Hamas members killed, the source said, cited by DPA. The bombings were preceded by a threat of what appeared to be an Israeli ground military incursion into the Gaza Strip and even the official Twitter account The Israeli Army has published a message claiming that there were Israeli soldiers on Gaza soil, which has led the international press to accuse Israel of manipulation. The threat of incursion has led Hamas members to take refuge in the tunnels, which they have subsequently been bombarded during an intense operation lasting about 40 minutes. The Israeli Army assures that it was not a ruse, but a communication error, and stressed that there is no Israeli military on the ground.Since Monday, Israel has bombed more than 650 targets, 31 Hamas and Jihad rocket workshops. Islamists who have ended up destroyed, so he maintains that he does not maintain that Hamas no longer has the capacity to manufacture rockets. The goal was to restore deterrence. “It is very difficult to attack targets in the middle of a populated area, but it is the only way to deter Hamas,” explained the Israeli military source quoted by DPA.Also, the IDF has shared images of the airstrike to the office of the head of the Hamas security forces, Tawfiq Abu Naim, was used “for the command and control of the military infrastructure.” However, it has not been specified whether Abu Naim has been affected by the attack. In a final balance of its attacks this Saturday, the IDF has indicated that during the night they have reached “a military intelligence site, rocket launch sites and two terrorist squads. ”AT LEAST 139 KILLED IN GAZA At least 139 people have been killed and 1,050 injured in the Gaza Strip as a result of the military operation launched by Israel on Monday in response to rocket fire by Palestinian militias , and which resumed this morning after a hiatus after the nightly bombardments. Early this morning, dozens of artillery shells were fired by Israeli tanks stationed at the border at Palestinian land and homes east of the city of Khan. Yunis and Beit Hanun, in the south and north of the Gaza Strip, respectively, while the Israeli Army has once again sounded the alarms in the communities from the south of the country near the Palestinian enclave. Already shortly after noon, alarms have started to sound in Tel Aviv and central Israel in the face of a “large salvo” of rockets targeting the city and other areas such as Rishon Lezion, Holon, Bat Yam, Ashdod, Yavne, Rehovot, Givatayim, Petha Tikva, and Kiryat Ono. A correspondent for the Al Arabiya chain has confirmed explosions in Tel Aviv and near Ben Gurion airport. According to medical sources to the official Palestinian news agency Wafa, 33 children and 21 women were among those killed.Among the dead is a family of ten, the Abu Hatab, who were killed by the impact of an Israeli projectile on the Al Shati refugee camp. Eight of those killed were children, and the only survivor is a baby rescued from the rubble.In response to the family’s death, a spokesman for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denounced the Islamist movement Hamas, which controls the enclave. Palestinian, for hiding its arsenal in residential areas and making civilians an unintended target of Israeli bombings. “All responsibility for the deaths of civilians in Gaza rests with Hamas,” said the spokesman in a statement collected by Channel 12. “It was Hamas who has pursued this escalation of violence when it decided to attack Jerusalem, and has intentionally hidden its rockets and its arsenals, as well as its observation posts, in residential areas,” he added, in what he described as a “war crime.” “As it is,” he added, “to attack our citizens to kill the more the merrier.” At least ten Israelis, including two children, have died as a result of the rocket fire of Palestinian militias in Gaza, one of the the last a 50-year-old woman who lost her life when she fell while running to an air raid shelter. Israel has reported that militias have launched some 200 rockets at the south of the country during the last 12 hours, most of which have been intercepted. for its defensive system Iron Dome. The Israeli army has estimated more than 2,000 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel since the attacks broke out last Monday.

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