NewsIsraeli Army thwarts "infiltrated attack" on Lebanon's border

Israeli Army thwarts "infiltrated attack" on Lebanon's border

The Israeli Army has announced that it has thwarted a raid attempt made last night across the border with Lebanon, according to a statement collected by the Times of Israel newspaper. The newspaper reports that Israeli forces identified several men who were cutting the fence near the Israeli town of Metula, the scene of protests hours earlier against the Israeli military operation in Gaza. After firing several shots, they fled. A subsequent search of the area revealed the existence of several objects “presumed to be bombs”. The Army suspects that the infiltrators were trying to attack in the same area. The escalation of tensions between Israelis and Palestinians has led to mobilizations on the border with Lebanon and in the West Bank, even the scene of shots to block groups of people who wanted to condemn the offensive. Israeli forces confirmed on Friday afternoon that they had fired at “several” protesters, including a 21-year-old boy who died of his injuries, who had broken the fence on the Lebanese border and had managed to cross it, precisely in Metula. Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun condemned what he called “a crime committed by Israeli forces” after the shooting, the Presidency reported on Twitter. “Aoun condemned the crime committed by Israeli forces by shooting at a group of young people who demonstrated on the southern border in protest against the aggression in Gaza, which caused the death of the young man, Mohammed Tahan, and wounded as to another, “according to the note.Hamas launches dozens of rockets at Tel Aviv On the other hand, the military wing of the Islamist movement Hamas, the Ezzedin al Qassam brigades, have claimed the launch of multiple rockets at noon against Tel Aviv and various areas of central Israel in response to the deaths in The last hours of a Palestinian family in a refugee camp in Gaza, and who have left at least one Israeli dead, according to the Jerusalem Post, a man in his 50s who died after the impact of a rocket in the Ramat Gan area, and that joins several more that have reached the Tel Aviv metropolitan area as well as the vicinity of Ben Gurion International Airport. There is also evidence of Rishon Lezion hits. Minutes earlier, Israeli forces had destroyed an explosives-laden drone that had crossed from Gaza into Israeli territory. Likewise, in the last hours the Army has also reported that an individual has been “neutralized” after attempting to ram a group of soldiers south of Hebron (West Bank) with his vehicle.

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