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It is not a fraud! These are the reasons why Uber is charging you extra

In social networks, numerous Uber users began to report that they received unrecognized charges for three months without interest from the application. These charges are not fraud and they are debts that the mobility company is collecting.

According to a statement issued by Uber for Expansión, the reason for these charges corresponds to “a change in the rate for the use of the toll road during May. These charges were not made at the time and will be updated throughout the month.

That is to say, if during April and May you made a journey in the application in which payment routes were used, such as a highway or the Supervía, the company will be making the corresponding charges during August.

The number of affected users is not known exactly, since Uber only mentioned that these charges will be made to “users who used payment methods in Mexico City during April and May of this year.”

On the other hand, the reason for these late charges is because “unfortunately there was a failure in the system responsible for carrying out these charges and that prevented the charges from being made on time.”

Extra charges made by Uber

One of the extra surcharges that your trip may have is if you used a route that required a charge . These are automatically added to your account.

However, the amount does not always correspond exactly to what you paid and may be higher. From , a surcharge can be charged when the app partner has to pay the toll to “return to the city of origin, or on trips that start or end at an airport.”

On the other hand, there is also an extra charge if the driver “drives the carpool lane, drives an electric vehicle or uses a transponder.”

You may also pay an additional charge to the app partner for other costs or inconveniences, such as a parking fee to enter a site or for a long return trip after reaching the destination.

This is why, sometimes, the final amount you ended up paying does not correspond to the price that was calculated at the beginning.

How to see my Uber trips?

If you are receiving these charges and want to check your trips for April and May , you can do so directly from the application.

  1. Within the Uber app, select the “account” option located in the lower left
  2. Select the “travel” option
  3. All trips made in the application will be displayed
  4. When selecting each trip you will be able to see the details, which include: the date and time you made the trip, amount, name of the driver, starting point and the destination point

In the event that you identify that you did not make a toll route during April and May, and the payment is being made, you can request help within the same application.

  1. Within the Uber app, select the “account” option located in the lower left
  2. Select the “Help” option
  3. Select the option Accounts and payments / payments / my account has a charge that I do not identify / contact support
  4. It will ask you to indicate the transaction date, the amount of the charge, the first six digits and last four digits of your card, expiration date and more information.

How are Uber fares calculated?

Before taking any trip, the application shows an estimated amount of the cost of the trip. According to your , there are the standard rate and the dynamic rate.

Uber’s standard fare starts with a base price, and it depends on the type of service you choose . For example, it varies if you choose an Uber X or an Uber Black or XL.

Then, to this is added the time and distance required for the trip.

On the other hand, the dynamic rate is more expensive and is activated when the number of users who are requesting a trip exceeds the number of drivers available in the area at that time.

This may depend on several factors: geographical location, time, weather or some extraordinary situation.

Prices go up as an incentive for drivers to go to the area where there is a shortage. However, the app will always notify if the dynamic fare is active, so that the user can decide if they want to accept the trip or wait for the fare to drop again.

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